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Spring has broken out in many parts of Germany. In the Rhineland, people and nature are enjoying temperatures of around 20 degrees Celsius. The first #spring  flowers are already here🌷🌸☀️. How does it look at your place now? Send us your spring impressions 😀

Delhiites woke up to a warm morning on Wednesday after the city recorded February's highest temperature in the last 15 years with the maximum temperature settling at 32.5 degrees Celsius. #ITCard  #Delhi  Read more :

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At 32.5 degrees Celsius, Delhi records warmest February day in last 15 years

In 1966, Tom Brock and undergraduate student Hudson Freeze discovered a new bacteria that thrived in waters above 70 degrees Celsius: Thermus aquaticus. The discovery of this hardy bacteria revolutionized the fields of biology and medicine.

Today's #WeatherForecast  | Delhi experienced moderate fog this morning. Minimum temperature was 13 degree Celsius, maximum is expected to be 32 degree Celsius.

Today's #WeatherForecast  | Delhi experiences shallow fog this morning. Min Temp was 13 degrees Celsius, while max expected to be 32 degrees Celsius.

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Morning fog and a 1-3 degrees Celsius rise in temperature are forecast for upper Thailand, the Thailand Meteorological Department said. #weather  #ThailandNews  #TheNationThailand 


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Indian Army deploys T-90 & T-72 tanks along with BMP-2 Infantry Combat Vehicles which can operate at temperatures up to minus 40 degree Celsius, near Line of Actual Control in Chumar-Demchok area in Eastern Ladakh. Note: All visuals cleared by competent authority on ground

It hit 15 degrees Celsius today , first day all year.

This man’s thermal scan showed 38 degrees Celsius - fever level. While being assessed he admitted taking shots of vodka before riding because it was “alcohol” that could cleanse him before going home. He got a ticket for driving under the influence | @chiarazambrano  #COVID19 

‘Bleak’ U.N. report says world on pace to warm nearly 4 degrees Celsius by 2100, urges rapid action to avoid worst of climate change

#WATCH Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP) personnel with the national flag celebrating Republic Day at 17000 feet in snow today. The temperature in Ladakh at present is minus 20 degrees Celsius. 'Himveers' chanting 'Bharat Mata Ki Jai' and 'Vande Mataram'.

The cooling/support structure for IBM's 50 qubit quantum computer. Top level cools to 4 kelvin (-269 celsius); the shiny bit at the bottom w the chip inside reaches 10 millikelvin, colder than outer space. The superconducting data lines have loops so they can shrink when cooled.

Just landed back in London, fans standing outside the airport and its -1 Celsius ! #dedication  !Now bed time, huge day tomorrow !Get ready

My favorite cold temperature is forty below zero - where Celsius equals Fahrenheit. No need to specify the scale you’re using

Canada do their forecasts in degrees celsius- thank GOD. People keep going "it's gonna be 85 degrees" and I'm thinking soooo... hot?