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🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Boris Johnson has encouraged people to celebrate St George's Day without embarrassment or shame

🔴LIVE NOW - The Boris Mints Institute and the Jerusalem Post celebrate the Food Planet Prize with a look at #innovations  that could help feed us in the future. #Watch 

When I was the US ambassador to Russia, democratic leaders like Boris Nemtsov & others used to always tell me that they didn't want help from the West. They just asked that we didn't help Putin & his regime. As Kremlin surrogates celebrate @AmnestyOnline  today, remembering Boris.

MPs call on Boris to celebrate end of Covid restrictions by giving Brits a bank holiday

"Lets clap together for Captain Tom at 6pm" PM Boris Johnson urges people to celebrate all those Captain Sir Tom Moore campaigned for, "our brilliant NHS staff and care workers"

Boris Johnson first tried Tim Tams, and now he’s spruiking Shapes as he “raises a tinnie” to celebrate Australia Day.

The @globeandmail ’s @pwaldieGLOBE  tells @spaikin  what UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has to celebrate (a #Brexit  deal done) and mourn (a third national lockdown and soaring #COVID19  cases). Tonight at 11pm | Producer: @harrisonlowman 

"Lift a glass to those who aren’t there, in the knowledge that it’s precisely because they aren’t there to celebrate Christmas with you this year, that we all have a better chance that they’ll be there next year” says UK PM Boris Johnson


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Congratulations to Boris Johnson on his great WIN! Britain and the United States will now be free to strike a massive new Trade Deal after BREXIT. This deal has the potential to be far bigger and more lucrative than any deal that could be made with the E.U. Celebrate Boris!

“Today there is genuine cause to celebrate a remarkable British scientific achievement" PM Boris Johnson says life-saving coronavirus drug dexamethasone "can now be made available across the NHS"

It’s the weekend. Celebrate like Boris. #FridayFeeling 

"Try not to have too many arguments with the in-laws, or anyone else." Boris Johnson delivers a Christmas message, saying, "it's that special time of year when, whatever has gone before, we can take an opportunity to celebrate all that is good in the world".

Boris Johnson uses Christmas message to urge Britons to 'celebrate the good that is to come'

BREAKING: MPs celebrate as Boris secures Brexit deal, as they were starting to worry they’d have nothing to reject on Saturday.

“I wonder if Boris Johnson, David Davis or any of the other Brexit hardliners who swigged champagne at Jacob Rees-Mogg’s party to celebrate defeating Theresa May’s deal ever consider the possibility that they might be wrong.”

Tiago, Patty & Boris celebrate with the Larry O'Brien Trophy!

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Boris Bikes will be free to use this weekend to celebrate the scheme's 4th birthday, more here

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