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“Regulators use cautionary tales like Credit Suisse as examples of how damaging a deficient risk culture can be” Ouch. Credit Suisse plots a comeback after ‘costly mistakes’ took it to the brink via @FinancialTimes 

Sectarianism, in turn, instantly evokes a set of very different cautionary tales: Ireland, the Middle East and South Asia, regions where religious sectarianism led to dysfunctional government, violence, insurgency, civil war and even disunion or partition.

A particularly wonderful episode of the always excellent Cautionary Tales podcast, this time about Dungeons and Dragons. You are a gentleman and a scholar @TimHarford .

DMX was unsparing about his own battles with drugs and demons. He had his own alter ego in his songs, a demon Damien, with cautionary tales urging fans to try to find God instead of drugs. DMX's prayers echoed for many -- and many are praying for him now.

Two California wine companies are going public this spring. Major wineries haven’t done so in decades due to past cautionary tales, but modern companies say this time is different. #WSJWhatsNow 

As with many financial cautionary tales, the Archegos saga turns on leverage and opacity. As a family office, Archegos was exempt from the disclosure requirements that hedge funds face. That loophole needs to be closed.


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The disastrous situation unfolding at San Quentin State Prison has become the latest of several cautionary tales that show how any effort to achieve herd immunity before a vaccine is available would come with enormous costs in terms of illness and death.

Let’s hope the Cardinals and Marlins Covid experiences serve as cautionary tales/wakeup calls. Not singling anyone out, but these 2 teams did not do a good job of social distancing, wearing masks and being careful. Most importantly, hope everyone gets better.

The U.S. has its own cautionary tales of environmental limits: 🐟Near-extinction of the buffalo and wild Atlantic salmon 🦌Actual extinction of the passenger pigeon and eastern elk ⛏Even the Ludlow Massacre of 1914

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But for many single Japanese women, the decision to stay single is as much about liberation as not finding a partner. And for some, their married friends serve as cautionary tales.

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Why are windows always rare? Why are tales always cautionary? Why is optimism always cautious? Why is relief always palpable? Why are efforts always last-ditch? Why are militias always rag-tag? Why are indictments always searing? Why are press conferences always hastily convened?

The cautionary tales for modern democratic socialism aren't Venezuela, North Korea, or the USSR. They're India's License Raj, Britain's postwar nationalizations, etc. Well-meaning interventions by democratic governments that didn't work out.

Proximity to President Trump has been crushing for many aides who joined the White House with stellar careers. Their fates are cautionary tales.

Facebook is building a real community, the kind you can walk around. It is a project with many precedents in American history, quite a few of them cautionary tales about what happens when a powerful corporation takes control of civic life.

Modern sci-fi offers many grim cautionary tales, but few optimistic visions. For an antidote, watch @TheOrville  September 10th on Fox ?