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Lasted better part of three hours. #caturday 

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Caturday, baturday, magic companions, components, and tomes (Stephen Fabian, AD&D 2e Tome of Magic, TSR, 1991)

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caturday'>Happy Caturday! "Where’s my food?" 📸 Meghan Bauer Show off your #caturdaycuties  by submitting photos to

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"Please put squirrels on here..k thx." #caturday 

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😻 Happy Caturday from Miss Dela (Delaware) Rosenburg. 😻 📸 Kim Rosenburg Show off your #Caturday  pics at

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The purrrfect package arrived just in time for Caturday! 😸 💗

HAPPY CATURDAY. drop your cat pics below, thanks!


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Don't be a sucker, get vaccinated - #YAN  .. #Caturday  #JabsBae  💉 😷

The moment this cat gives kisses to his dog brother #Caturday  ??

Bless you!!! Badger got the sneezes from this week's snow...? ❄️ Happy#caturday  cat lovers!

The many emotions of being a cat parent #Caturday  ?

Life with a cat — usually worth it #Caturday  ?

Teeny kitten found in the trash nurses on his dad's hand when he sleeps #Caturday  ?

When your cat's an only child — then you get a second cat #Caturday  ?

Stray cat insists on wrestling with this dog every day #Caturday  ?

This cat thinks the kitchen floor is evil so she jumps over it EVERY SINGLE TIME #Caturday  ?

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