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Do you think making memes of Pope Francis is disrespectful or harmless? This popular trend is under scrutiny by Catholics around the world

A rosary around his wrist, Joe Biden often speaks of the comfort his Catholic faith has brought him and on November 3, he hopes to have persuaded enough fellow Catholics to back him; a majority of them supported Trump in 2016

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When Americans vote on November 3, the Democratic presidential candidate hopes he will have persuaded enough of his fellow Catholics to back him.

Today, about 30 percent of the members of Congress are Catholic, compared to only 21 percent of Americans. Yet a census of congressional Catholics leaves one confounded as to what beliefs they could possibly share, writes @brandonmcg :

Joe Biden is leading the 2020 presidential contest among several religious groups we analyzed, including Black Protestants, catholics'>Hispanic Catholics, Jews and the religiously unaffiliated.

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Amy Coney Barrett will bring the number of Catholics on the court to six if she passes muster in the Senate. #AmyConeyBarrett  #SCOTUS 

Tweetstorm erupts after HBO host Maher says too many 'nuts' Catholics on Supreme Court

Tweetstorm erupts after HBO host Maher says too many 'nuts' Catholics on Supreme Court @billmaher 

I just want to say I left NYC at 5:25 and I’m now up by the North American Martyrs Shrine. This place should be well known and well visited as a pilgrimage sight for both Catholics and anyone who values religious freedom. Post COVID plans...

Democrats have to stop talking about “packing” the #SupremeCourt  because it’s already packed – with Catholics. This is not a court that looks like America; it’s a court that looks like The DaVinci Code.


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interested in well known Catholics explaining how Joe is a strong Catholic, who is pro-abortion. I'm seriously willing to listen.

So we’re all ok with open, bigoted attacks on Catholics now? Just trying to keep up.

Democrat governors all around the country have taken away your right to receive Communion. Catholics should not have to sacrifice their right to practice their religion. #MAGA  #KAG2020 

Why has nobody asked Kaine about the horrible views emanated on WikiLeaks about Catholics? Media in the tank for Clinton but Trump will win!

So rioters in the hundreds can gather, torch buildings, attack the police, & target St. Patrick’s, defacing the cathedral. But Catholics are forbidden to go to church because of their threat to... safety? Are Christians in this country really going to stay home tomorrow?

Sad times for Britain's ancient and hallowed democracy, which dates all the way back to when Catholics in Northern Ireland got the vote in 1969

I am close to Armenian Catholics of Qamishli, in Syria, as they gather for the funeral of their parish priest, Father Hovsep Bedoyan, who was killed yesterday together with his father. I pray for them, their families, and for all Christians in Syria.

My moms a lesbian. I think I turned out ok. And the activities she chooses is to help the homeless and people suffering from mental illness. I admit I’m not perfect but atleast I was never a judgmental hypocrite! Im sure you dont speak for most Catholics.Have a nice day ??

Notre-Dame is aflame. Great emotion for the whole nation. Our thoughts go out to all Catholics and to the French people. Like all of my fellow citizens, I am sad to see this part of us burn tonight.

Let us remember our Christian brothers and sisters of the East, Catholics and Orthodox, who are celebrating Christmas today.