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A small number of protesters on Elizabeth Street were cuffed after police warned they were done playing "cat and mouse". #9News 

In Southbank we have everything from , the dude in the building next to me who never left his computer, or barely even looked up from it… to people in the nearby park with suitcases packed and their cat or rabbit in the pet carrier

Community searches for beloved care home cat who went missing in Buffalo, Minn.

Chief Commissioner Shane Patton has warned there will be no more “cat-and-mouse games” as a significant police presence is prepared to stop further violent protests today. #9News 

PHOTOS: Cat found safe after weeks on the lam at JFK Airport

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Just met @CL207 ! It’s really a cat in a hazmat suit!

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I see this a lot, “Hey y’all all I need is a few more followers to hit 2k please help me I got a cat and a dog to feed:) Yeah, they’re going to get a lot of followers alright—a lot of Fake accounts. Bots use keyword searches to find those unaware. %

Victoria's top cop says there will be no "cat and mouse games" today.

Outside of Hollywood, Japanese ads let Britney flog candy on a CGI jet, Keanu Reeves meet a sexy cat and Justin Bieber get in a fight with Godzilla.

A triple dead cat bounce! But is it truly dead or has it six of nine lives remaining?

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im actually cat girl here’s selfie rn

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BLACKPINK DELETED SCENE #5 : Lisa try to pet a stray cat: cute or literally the cutest thing that's ever happened? #LightUptheSky1MoreTime 

For more than 30 years, plastic phones shaped like the cartoon catGarfield have been washing up on French beaches. The mystery is now solved: a shipping container which washed up during a storm in the 1980s was found in a hidden sea cave ? Fred Tanneau

“I’m here live, I’m not a cat,” says lawyer after Zoom filter mishap “I can see that,” responds judge

Dog does the sweetest thing for his cat brother when he gets tired from their hike ?

The moment this cat gives kisses to his dog brother ??

Entire family coaxes giant dog into bath ... even the cat helps ❤️

Cat’s first taste of ice cream...