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alrighty, we live gamin some @CallofDuty  #ModernWarfare  gettin some S1 grinding done... come chilll!!!!! Casual Killin

startin the stream off with some @CallofDuty  #ModerWarfare  for an hour or so then gonna be moving on to the @BlessUnleashed  #Beta  on #Xbox  comee chillll!!!! Casual Killin w/ the Homies

Startin the day off with some #GhostReconBreakpoint  come chilllllllllll Casual Killin 5/15 Sub Points


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Live for a couple hours with some night time #Blackops4  with the homie @bigbrytv  come chilllllll Casual Killin

Alright peopleee we on one nowww come and watch me and @biigbry  carry some teams to victory!!!! Casual Killin

What gowns? This week's best dressed were killin' it casual style:

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