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#LIVE : Toys to avoid? U.S. Rep. castor'>Kathy Castor joins experts to discuss toys they say could pose hazards for your children this holiday season.

A) Mbrs to nominate Pelosi for Spkr today. Dem FL castor'>Rep Castor will place Pelosi's name in nomination. Other speeches from: Congresswoman Angie Craig of Minnesota Congressman-elect Kai Kahele of Hawaii..

PANDEMIC POLITICS: "I think hiding public health data will cost lives, and it has cost lives," Rep. Kathy Castor said.

castor'>Tampa Mayor Jane Castor doesn't budge on activist demands for the police review board.

castor'>Tampa Mayor Jane Castor consulted with emergency managers from the state, Hillsborough County, and her own team of advisors. One person she did not speak with at all was Governor Ron DeSantis.

#Evonik ’s first software tool fo #3Dprinting  is powered by Castor. CEO Omer Blaier will tell you why ou #cooperation  is mutually beneficial. For more, visit us a @formnext_expo  : @EvonikHP  #LeadingInInnovation  #InfinityMeetsReality 

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castor'>Kathy Castor, first elected to Congress during the George W. Bush administration, won her eighth term.

ELECTION RESULTS LATEST: castor'>Kathy Castor received 61.9% of the votes for the U.S. House in Florida's 14th District race

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Rep. Chabot just said the committee has no idea what legal authority Schiff used to get the phone records included in the Ukraine report. But GOP counsel Steve Castor on Monday revealed all 6 subpoenas Schiff used to get the records.

“This impeachment would stand out among modern impeachments as the shortest proceeding, with the thinnest evidentiary record, and the narrowest grounds ever used to impeach a President”—Stephen Castor, Republican Intelligence Committee Counsel

WATCH: @mattgaetz  call out Democrats for taking a break so that they can hold a Press Conference before Castor has a chance to offer a rebuttal.

Why didn’t Trump seek to investigate Burisma in 2017, 2018, or earlier in 2019, but only AFTER Biden became a presidential candidate? C’mon Mr. Castor, don’t play use for fools.

Something feels wrong about structure of this impeachment hearing. D lawyer/donor Berke testified, then joined dais and is now interrogating R lawyer Castor. Why does Castor have to respond to fellow staff like he's an elected official?

It is not a “fact” that Ukraine intervened in our elections, Mr. Castor. I know you are tired, but please stop saying that unless you have evidence to support your assertion.

Fiona Hill is operating on a different level than Castor. Consequently, it seems as if he’s just strengthening her credibility as a witness.

House GOP lawyer Castor trying to lay the foundation for the silly argument that @MayorR Giuliani's demands for a quid pro quo did not really come from Trump. Is the GOP's last defense to throw Giuliani under whatever bus they can find #ImpeachmentHearings 

Questioning Sondland, Castor makes a big point of noting the investigations Trump wanted, as far as Sondland knew, had "nothing to do with Biden." But...Trump himself referred to Biden in asking Zelensky for investigations in the 7/25 call!!! This is nuts. #ImpeachmentHearings 

The men and women of the make immense sacrifices to serve our country and keep us safe. Today I visited with them in Mali, bringing the thanks of Canadians for all their hard work. Thank you to everyone at castor'>Camp Castor for everything you do, and merry Christmas!