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*Aged Care Rorts* Former Opal Aged Care CEO Gary Barnier who · was accused of bullying · oversaw homes where 11 residents died in a fire · and another that had maggots was awarded a $920,000 government contract to investigate aged care homes with no proper tender process...

We have seen other scandals lately, sports rorts & robodebt for example, but the lack of COVID planning in aged care is beyond the pale. My mum devoted her working life to the aged care sector. She would be turning in her grave about both the failures & attempts to justify them.

Good morning, early birds. In rorts news, $10 million was granted to the construction of an already-built building in Morrison's electorate, and McCormack's post-Natspill plea resulted in a $120,000 aged-care grant. It's the news you need to know:

Birmo has had to fix family day care rorts / childcare, schools funding and botched uni 'reforms'. Success or not, quite the workload.

Coming up on the RN edition of AM: a new crackdown on child care payment 'rorts' @Birmo  & those polling figs showing ON's surge....

Story about $1bn+ in family day care rorts only gets more bizarre. Have a cracking follow tomorrow. But here's today


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