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Doug and I are grateful for the Capitol Police, the National Guard Immediate Response Force, and all who responded swiftly to the attack. We continue to be proud of the courageous men and women who defend the Capitol, especially during this challenging period.

Walking with Niko & his handler, Brad, around the Capitol it was amazing to see the joy & comfort he brought to the Capitol police, Capitol staff, & National Guard. Thank you to Milford’s @K9FRinc  for sending pups to the Capitol to bring a smile to all of our faces.

Capitol Police were told not to use aggressive tactics against Jan. 6 rioters, reports @nytimes . An army official also opposed using the National Guard: "We don't like the optics." This week, up to 1,000 National Guard were deployed to MN after police killed #DaunteWright .

An internal report describes conversations between officials as they disagreed on whether National Guard forces were necessary to back up understaffed Capitol Police.

The Associated Press says officials disagreed on whether to send in the National Guard to help the understaffed Capitol Police.

In an extensive and detailed timeline of that day, the report describes conversations between officials as they disagreed on whether National Guard forces were necessary to back up the understaffed Capitol Police force.

I just walked over to the Dirksen Senate Office Building to renew my Congressional Press Pass. I want to thank the Congressional staff, the Capitol Police Officers and the National Guard troops. They were all so nice especially during these trying times.

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Lawmakers, protected to this day by National Guard troops, will hear from the inspector general of the Capitol Police this coming week.

E) USCHS: The U.S. Capitol Police, this time with full and immediate cooperation of the D.C. Metropolitan Police and the National Guard, did an exemplary job of apprehending the suspect and protecting our nation’s most enduring symbol of freedom.

CAPITOL OFFICER KILLED: A 25-year-old suspect and a Capitol Police officer are dead, as another remains hospitalized, following the second deadly attack at the Capitol in 3 months. The assault sent National Guard troops scrambling and briefly put the complex on lockdown.


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JUST IN: Washington Post reports that MichaelFlynn's brother, Gen. Charles Flynn, was on the Pentagon call with Capitol Police that resisted their emergency pleas for calling in the National Guard during the Capitol attack. The Army previously denied that Flynn was on the call.

How do you incite a riot that was already going to happen? -Pipe bombs were placed near the Capitol before President Trump’s speech. -The FBI knew about potential violence before the speech. -Capitol Police requested help from the National Guard days before the speech.

Few Capitol Police fired shots when the force was totally justified—why? National Guard was slow walked as Leader Hoyer called Gov Hogan of Maryland pleading for help-why? Why was the Capitol deliberately left so vulnerable? We were such important leaders left on their own?

Mob of traitors has stormed the Capitol building—broken through the police and are now inside by the doors of the Senate chambers. Police overwhelmed. One was just hit and carried away. WHERE IS THE NATIONAL GUARD? WHERE ARE THE RUBBER BULLETS? WHY IS THIS MOB NOT BEING ARRESTED?

More than 90 minutes after Capitol Police chief Sund at 2:22pm had formally requested help, Miller still would not approve. Miller & his aides need to be interrogated under oath to explain their extended delay in approving national guard forces, and any White House role in delay

One of 2 VA Police officers charged in connection with the attack on the Capitol, Jacob Fracker, is a corporal in the VA National Guard.  He is the 1st known current service member arrested & charged in connection with the events of Jan 6.

NPR: Ex-Capitol Police Chief Says Requests For National Guard Denied 6 Times In Riots

Three days before the pro-Trump riot at the Capitol, the Pentagon asked the U.S Capitol Police if it needed National Guard manpower. And then as the mob descended, DOJ leaders reached out to offer up FBI agents. The police turned them down both times

Rep. LOFGREN, who chairs the House Administration Committee, says the Capitol Police chief incorrectly told her that the National Guard was at the ready ahead of the Jan. 6 session. "What they told me about the National Guard was just not true."

Confirming other reports: @NancyPelosi  has requested National Guard troops to clear and secure the Capitol via request from the Capitol Police Board. A D.C. government official tells me troops are on the way.