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Planned neo-Nazi rally at state Capitol prompts organizers to reschedule unity march in Phoenix

Daunte Wright protesters march from Capitol to Denver police station

A former Navy SEAL who was pictured leading a Jan. 6 march on the Capitol alongside now-indicted Proud Boys told The Daily Beast that he and his son left the Capitol grounds before the building was breached. But, that’s not entirely true...

@dannephinlnp  first wrote about Samuel Lazar’s involvement in the Capitol attack on Jan. 10. In late March, the FBI posted Lazar’s photo online, asking for tips from the public. Here’s Dan’s latest on #FacepaintBlowhard . #seditionhunters 

Prosecutors note that Harrelson hung out with a crowd of Oath Keepers around Stewart Rhodes after leaving the Capitol & that when the FBI searched his home in March, it found a gun locker, 3 firearms, a "go bag" containing ammo, a burner phone, and survival guides.

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Midwest March for Life rally held at Missouri state capitol

Old high school acquaintances have brought about soooo many Capitol cases, includinig this case against Jonah Westbury (who was arrested on Friday.) The tip came in early on Jan. 7, the criminal affidavit is dated March 29, and the arrest was April 9.

NEW: In February, Elliot Resnick scored an interview with Trump impeachment lawyer David Schoen. In March, he wrote an op-ed defending the Capitol riot. What he didn’t mention either time: He was inside the building during the attack.

LATEST: Lingering political blowback from Jan. 6 ransacking of Capitol isn't slowing down House Republicans' drive to recapture Congress in 2022, w/ @NRCC  raising nearly $20 million in March. @dcexaminer 


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Scoop: FBI & DHS warn of increased chatter among extremists, including members of Three Percenters, discussing possible plots against Capitol on March 4, when conspiracy theorists believe Trump will retake office, sources familiar with the matter tell myself & @Whitney9News 

Good morning. Donald Trump instructed an angry mob - a mob that had been openly planning to “storm” Congress - to march to the Capitol and “fight like hell” to stop Biden’s win. When the mob broke in and began chanting “Hang Mike Pence”, Trump issued a statement attacking Pence.

Donald J. Trump has ended America's streak of a peaceful transfer of power. That's it. That's his legacy. He refused to concede, gathered a mob on the day Congress rightfully elected his successor, and then instructed that mob to march to the Capitol and raise hell.

An arm of the Republican Attorneys General Association, a national group representing the top law enforcement officers in their states, sent out robocalls encouraging people to march to the US Capitol the day before it was stormed by a pro-Trump mob.

No, Donald Trump, your remarks were not “totally appropriate.” You incited rioters and told them march on the Capitol. And guess what: they did it.

To recap: -Trump pressured Pence to subvert the vote, which VP can’t do -Trump told his supporters to march on the Capitol, where Pence was doing his constitutional duty -They chanted “Hang Mike Pence” -Trump hasn’t spoken to Pence, nor condemned the chants for his assassination

“Alabama AG leads nonprofit that helped organize march at Capitol

Trump earlier today ordered his mob to march to the Capitol. After their attack on the U.S. Capitol, he told them, ”We love you—you’re very special.” His daughter just addressed them as “American Patriots.” Please pay attention.

Per sources briefed on the events, Pence told Trump by phone shortly before the rally about how he planned to handle the certification. The president was processing his fury about it during the rally, as he called on his supporters to go march to the Capitol.