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"Right now, Donald Trump controls an army of white supremacists and domestic terrorists who will stop at nothing." @LawProfButler  on the Capitol Hill insurrection. #TheReidOut 

A House subcommittee is slated to hear testimony to assess the damage as a result of the insurrection, and according to at least one official's testimony, the price tag to address the riot damage and increased Capitol Hill security is already $30 million

"We've learned the hard way over and over again, over-prepare ... I don't buy this was an intelligence failure. This was a lack of understanding the threat." @NeuStrategies  on the #thereidoutn '>Capitol Hill Insurrecti #TheReidOutn .

RIGHT NOW ON #FOX5DC : Former US Capitol security officials cast blame in 1st public hearing on deadly insurrection. @FitzFox5DC  joins us with a LIVE report from the Hill@fox5dc  #5AT4  #capitolriot 

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And @MalcolmNance  , @LawProfButler  join for the latest developments in the investigation surrounding the Capitol Hill Insurrection. #TheReidOut 

Parler is up and running again after being forced offline a month ago for allowing inflammatory posts about the Capitol Hill insurrection

Today marks six weeks since the Jan. 6 deadly insurrection at the U.S. Capitol. As I saw when I drove around Capitol Hill today, security still remains intense.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced Congress will establish an independent, Sept. 11-style commission to look into January's deadly insurrection on Capitol Hill.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced Congress will establish an independent, Sept. 11-style commission to look into January's deadly insurrection on Capitol Hill.


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On Senator Blunt’s claims saying that BLM protests looked similar to the Capitol Hill Insurrection, @JoyAnnReid  asked the team for some of that footage: "Can you guys get me the video of BLM storming Capitols? Oh I'm sorry, that doesn't exist.”

Among those arrested in the Capitol Hill insurrection so far: - an Olympic gold medal winner - a CEO - a sitting State Representative - a retired Lt. Col in the military - off-duty police officers - the son of Judge

President Biden has arrived on Capitol Hill to pay his respects to Officer Brian Sicknick, whose remains are lying in honor in the Rotunda, at the very spot where a deadly insurrection and riot erupted one month ago. A solemn scene tonight for a nation crying out for leaders.

Eugene Goodman has been hailed as a hero ever since he lured rioters away from the Senate chambers during the January 6 insurrection on Capitol Hill. His courage was recognized again when he escorted Kamala Harris to the inauguration ceremony.

BREAKING: A majority of the country believes Pres. Trump should be removed from office before President-elect Joe Biden is sworn in, and two-thirds hold him accountable for the violent insurrection on Capitol Hill, new @ABC  News /Ipsos poll finds.

“You don’t get a mulligan on insurrection,” @C_C_Krebs  to me just now on lawmakers excusing Trump on the Capitol Hill riot.

I hope you join me tonight for this @CNN  Special Report “The Trump Insurrection: 24 Hours That Shook America.” We go in-depth on what happened last week when a pro-Trump mob stormed Capitol Hill and where we go from here. It airs tonight at 10 PM ET.

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Trump "is preparing to lean into his fight with Twitter and other social media platforms this week, a Trump adviser said," using his deplatforming "to shift the narrative away from the insurrection on Capitol Hill earlier in the week," @JDiamond1  reports.

Reasons to be cheerful for America after last night's grim scenes from Capitol Hill. 1. It was not an attempted coup or insurrection. It was a mob on the rampage, which got further than it ever expected because of appalling policing.