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@RohitKachrooITV  "That was the thing that precipitated the riots on the Hill " Former attorney general Bill Barr tells @RohitKachrooITV  that questioning the legitimacy of the US presidential election 'precipitated' the Jan 6 US Capitol riots

’Capitol Hill is known as the ‘last plantation’’ — Former Capitol Police Officer Theortis Jones says race was a factor during the response to the January 6 insurrection at the U.S. Capitol

I tried to drive over to Capitol Hill just now. This is as close as I could get. There are several layers of security and for good reason. This city is on edge.

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Who is ‘Bullhorn Lady’? Woman Caught on Camera Guiding Capitol Hill Rioters About Floor Plan

‘Capitol Hill supermax’? Make DC security fence PERMANENT, Dem Congressman pleads in bill

Coming up - Yellen testifies on Capitol Hill today - will it weaken the USD?

Bumble's removal of its political filter after Capitol Hill riot didn't last long

“I would say to these people on Capitol hill, ‘Knock it off, stop this, let the man leave peacefully with his dignity.’”

"We can't let something like what happened at the Capitol happen again. So, I think the FBI but also Capitol Hill Police, Metropolitan Police from Washington, DC., they're on very high alert"


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News outlets are publishing more videos, photos and testimonials from the pro-Trump riot on Capitol Hill. And it's becoming clear that as heinous as the attack looked in real time, on live TV and in our social feeds, it was even worse than we knew then.

There are more US troops deployed on Capitol Hill now than in Iraq or Afghanistan. The 15,000 mobilized for Inauguration equals 3 times the number of US troops in Iraq and Afghanistan combined.

RIGHT NOW-> Congresswoman Lauren Boebert, who has bragged about her desire to carry a weapon on Capital Hill is currently in a standoff with Capitol Police at the newly installed Metal Detectors outside the chamber doors.

Video of Capitol Hill reporters insisting WH Chief of Staff Mark Meadows wear a mask while talking with them and Meadows deciding he won’t talk to reporters if he has to wear a mask.

10 years ago today, a man tried to assassinate my wife, @GabbyGiffords , and in the process killed 6 people and injured 12 others. This anniversary is always difficult for our family, but today's feels different after the violence on Capitol Hill this week.

DEVELOPING: More than a dozen businesses inside CHOP zone, on Seattle's Capitol Hill, file 56-page class action lawsuit against the City of Seattle. They're seeking unspecified damages, to be determined at trial.

Women for Kavanaugh, and many others who support this very good man, are gathering all over Capitol Hill in preparation for a 3-5 P.M. VOTE. It is a beautiful thing to see - and they are not paid professional protesters who are handed expensive signs. Big day for America!

Intel chief releases info on ‘unmasking’ of Flynn to Capitol Hill via @politico 

Why aren’t the reporters and commentators furious now that they have proof that Adam Schiff has lied to them for the last three years? You would think simple pride in their profession would make them want to investigate and expose the biggest liar on Capitol Hill.

Per the GOP stunt of their "brave" storming of Capitol Hill, that old Carl Sandburg quote comes to mind: “If the facts are against you, argue the law. If the law is against you, argue the facts. If the law and the facts are against you, pound the table and yell like hell.”