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A little used Civil War-era statute that outlaws waging war against the United States is getting a fresh look after the attacks on the Capitol in Washington.

A Civil War-era sedition law being dusted off for potential use in the mob attack on the U.S. Capitol was last successfully deployed a quarter-century ago in the prosecution of Islamic militants who plotted to bomb New York City landmarks.

“Stewart Rhodes, an Army veteran who founded the Oath Keepers in 2009 as a reaction to the presidency of Barack Obama, had been saying for weeks before the Capitol riot that his group was preparing for a civil war and was ‘armed, prepared to go in if the president calls us up.’”

From the Civil War to the Capitol Insurrection: The History of White Violence in America

This week, politicians and pundits from @PramilaJayapal  to Rachel Maddow had their history books out, comparing events like the Civil War and the 9/11 terrorist attacks to the Capitol riot that occurred last week. Via @dot_notfeather8 

156 years after the Civil War, the Confederate flag was on display in the US Capitol, carried by a Delaware man during the Capital riot. He has now been arrested.

Opinion: To make sense of violence at the Capitol, look to the Spanish Civil War [Opinion]

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Soldiers took up positions in the U.S. Capitol in a scene reminiscent of Civil War deployments.

America’s leading security agencies have warned that domestic terrorists emboldened by the “success” of the Capitol riots could now have their sights set on igniting a civil war.

Troops are sleeping in the Capitol. It’s been a rare sight since the Civil War


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One week after insurrection at US Capitol, National Guard members sleep under plaque dedicated to troops who were quartered in the Capitol in response to Pres. Lincoln's call for volunteers during the Civil War. 📷 Joshua Roberts/Reuters (left) / Architect of the Capitol (right)

Even in the Civil War, the Confederate flag never got close the Capitol. More than 150 years later, the sight of a man casually carrying one outside the Senate floor was a piercing reminder of the persistence of white supremacism.

According to House security, this is the first time troops have set up camp overnight in the U.S. Capitol since the Civil War in the 1860s.

That plaque on the right commemorates the troops that were quartered in the US Capitol during the Civil War (companies from MA, NY, PA, and DC)

Last week's attack on the Capitol was not a surprise. Right-wing media have been fearmongering about a civil war and calling for violence for years.

To see the Confederate flag marched through our Capitol by a seditious mob is to realize, once again, that the bloody injustices which sparked our Civil War have not been fully reckoned with by this nation. Not by a long shot.

"During the Civil War, the Confederate Army never reached the Capitol. The rebel flag, to my knowledge, had never been flown inside the halls of Congress until Wednesday," @ClintSmithIII  writes:

Update: Authorities in Michigan charged 13 men with a battery of terrorism and conspiracy charges, revealing what they said was a plot by an anti-government group to storm the State Capitol building, initiate a civil war and kidnap the governor.

And, children, that's how the Second Civil War began, with the Battle of Capitol Hill—when Trump led his troops up the East Side toward the Rotunda and Pelosi's barricades did not yield. (Trump then called into Hannity from the McDonald's in Union Station.)