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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will unveil his new government on October 26 and parliament will reopen on November 22, his office said Friday.

French president Emmanuel Macron says he wants a face-to-face meeting with Justin Trudeau. Insiders say this may be difficult to arrange, not because of any political differences but because Trudeau is 6’2” and Macron is 5’9”.

Where are you off to? A few interesting places for Canadians to visit when the U.S. reopens its gates

The U.S. land border reopening isn’t being met entirely with open arms - not yet anyway. Canadians who own property in Washington state and B.C. Premier @jjhorgan  share their concerns. @lizaCKNW980  reports.

LIVE on @NEWS1130  at 6: - B.C.'s South Coast is in for a wet, windy weekend - The U.S. land and air border opens to fully vaccinated Canadians on Nov. 8 - Normalize supervised consumption sites, says B.C. Harm Reduction Advocate WATCH:

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U.S. will allow Canadians who had mixed doses of COVID-19 vaccines when border crossings resume Nov. 8. From @thekeenanwire ⁩ and me

⚡️U.S. will allow Canadians who had mixed doses of COVID-19 vaccines when border crossings resume Nov. 8


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JUST IN: Canada PM Justin Trudeau issues Covid-19 vaccine mandate for anyone 12 and older on trains and planes. Trudeau says those who are vaccinated, "deserve the freedom to be safe from Cocivd-19, to have your kids safe from Covid, [and] to get back to the things you love."

JUST IN: Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says he will impose retaliatory measures to answer President Trump's tariffs on steel and aluminum: "Canadians: we're polite, we're reasonable, but we also will not be pushed around."

A telling moment. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to President Biden just now: "U.S. leadership has been sorely missed over the past years."

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau took a knee while attending a demonstration on Parliament Hill that was organized to protest racial injustice and police brutality. Read more here:

So, let me get this straight. Canada lost 71,000 jobs last month (equvilent to US losing 500,000) and Paris is shutdown from massive strike over awful economy and governance. But Trudeau & Macron found time to snicker at Trump? Really?

Canadians are deeply disturbed and saddened by the attack on democracy in the United States, our closest ally and neighbour. Violence will never succeed in overruling the will of the people. Democracy in the US must be upheld - and it will be.

It has come to this: Even the Canadians don't want us. Cars with US plates are vandalized and Americans sneaking across the border face fines as high as six figures.

We are implementing the Quarantine Act to keep all Canadians safe. So let me be clear: If you do not go home and stay home for at least 14 days after coming back into Canada, you could face serious fines or prison time.

“Russia not welcome at G7, Canada's Trudeau says”

BREAKING: Sophie Trudeau, wife of Canada's PM, tests positive for coronavirus.