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Whenever companies do this they just prime the pump for the coming story (See: Facebook and the original Cambridge Analytica piece). It just gets everyone in a frenzy to read what's coming out.

'Antiquated process': data regulator on obtaining Cambridge Analytica warrant

More on Cambridge Analytica. Like I said before, we've been gaslit by eugenicists.

Peter Thiel's surveillance tech company Palantir directly benefits from the hysterical, weaponized disinformation Cambridge Analytica's data has been instrumental in spreading on Facebook. And Thiel sits on @facebook  's board.

What If Cambridge Analytica Owned Its Own Social Network? CA Backer Rebekah Mercer Admits She's A Co-Founder Of Parler

The Mercers, Trump’s top 2016 funder and principal investors in Cambridge Analytica are among Parler’s backers

In which the family behind Cambridge Analytica and Parler said: "The ever increasing tyranny and hubris of our tech overlords demands that someone lead the fight against data mining, and for the protection of free speech online."

Sorry, had to delete the previous tweet because I confused Cordelia May, another terrible rich person, with the Mercers. She was the one who funded the reprint and distribution of "Camp of the Saints." Robert Mercer in fact funded Cambridge Analytica.


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“I think every voter has a right to see this. It’s crazy that we don’t have the right to see this.” @profcarroll  asked for Cambridge Analytica to release the information they held about him. We showed him what we found in the data we obtained from the Trump 2016 campaign.

An election watchdog group says new documents from a former insider at Cambridge Analytica reveal illegal coordination between Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign and a billionaire-funded pro-Trump PAC, @garanceburke  reports.

"That's libellous, you can't put this online, my friend.” Brexit Party MEP Alexandra Phillips denies working for Cambridge Analytica in Kenya, speaking to @Channel4News . A few days later she admitted working for the firm's parent company.

So much of the most impactful Trump-era “reporting” has been proven fraudulent — Cambridge Analytica, Alfa Bank & the Steele Dossier are just the latest — but media outlets don’t want to know because they profited greatly, sold books, & showered themselves with Pulitzers for it.

68 Journalists, writers and bureaucrats given 2-5 Lakh/month to write against PM Modi through Cambridge Analytica! via - IT should register a case

The AP has learned that Donald Trump's 2020 campaign is secretly working with former employees of disgraced political consultancy company Cambridge Analytica.

EXCLUSIVE: Cambridge Analytica bosses say they “ran all the digital campaign” for Donald Trump - including potentially illegal activities. #CambridgeAnalyticaUSA 

Wow. I just was given an embargoed preview of Channel 4 News' new documentary on Cambridge Analytica. It will go live in 93 minutes. It is pure dynamite. Ka-boom.

If true, these messages represent more secret communications between the Trump campaign and cut-outs for the Kremlin, along with Roger Stone and Cambridge Analytica. It also demonstrates again a willingness by the highest levels of the Trump campaign to accept foreign assistance.