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Begum, who had been radicalised online, deserted a stable home and family for life under Isis, and became emblematic of the lure of the self-styled caliphate at the height of its tyranny.

Opinion: These are the women who crushed the Caliphate - CNN

A new report by America's RAND think tank has cast doubt on the effectiveness of the US Air Force's role in the fight against ISIS. The survey found that military aviation failed to significantly speed up the defeat of the so-called Caliphate.

What went wrong with 'NYT's' 'Caliphate' podcast? @brianstelter  - @CNNReliable )

CNN's Stelter Calls Out NY Times Over Caliphate Podcast Debacle: 'A Blow to the Credibility' of the Paper

CNN's Stelter Calls Out NY Times Over Caliphate Podcast Debacle: 'A Blow to the Credibility' of the Paper

What is the truth behind the story of an American family who ended up in the heart of the ISIS caliphate? Listen to all 10 episodes of I'm Not A Monster on BBC Sounds now. 🎧

NYT's Don McNeil apologizes & quits over use of N-word (after staff sent top editor outraged letter); Andy Mills resigns over "Caliphate" fiasco (he sees online campaign over past minor transgressions) #Mediabuzz 


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In just 3 and a half years, we have secured America’s Borders, rebuilt the awesome power of the U.S. Military, obliterated the ISIS caliphate, fixed our disastrous Trade Deals, and brought JOBS back home to America – and back to MINNESOTA! #MAGA 

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....Hawaii in a big, fully loaded 747, to play. What did that do to the so-called Carbon Footprint? He also played moments after the brutal killing by ISIS of a wonderful young man. Totally inappropriate - and it was me who shattered 100% of the ISIS Caliphate. I was left a MESS!

After defeating 100% of the ISIS Caliphate, I largely moved our troops out of Syria. Let Syria and Assad protect the Kurds and fight Turkey for their own land. I said to my Generals, why should we be fighting for Syria....

The United States was supposed to be in Syria for 30 days, that was many years ago. We stayed and got deeper and deeper into battle with no aim in sight. When I arrived in Washington, ISIS was running rampant in the area. We quickly defeated 100% of the ISIS Caliphate,.....

ISIS Caliphate two years ago in red vs. ISIS Caliphate TODAY. (Was even worse in November 2016 before I took office).

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We have 1,800 ISIS Prisoners taken hostage in our final battles to destroy 100% of the Caliphate in Syria. Decisions are now being made as to what to do with these dangerous prisoners....

The United States is asking Britain, France, Germany and other European allies to take back over 800 ISIS fighters that we captured in Syria and put them on trial. The Caliphate is ready to fall. The alternative is not a good one in that we will be forced to release them........

....the captured ISIS fighters and families. The U.S. has done far more than anyone could have ever expected, including the capture of 100% of the ISIS Caliphate. It is time now for others in the region, some of great wealth, to protect their own territory. THE USA IS GREAT!

We defeated 100% of the ISIS Caliphate and no longer have any troops in the area under attack by Turkey, in Syria. We did our job perfectly! Now Turkey is attacking the Kurds, who have been fighting each other for 200 years....

Starting the long overdue pullout from Syria while hitting the little remaining ISIS territorial caliphate hard, and from many directions. Will attack again from existing nearby base if it reforms. Will devastate Turkey economically if they hit Kurds. Create 20 mile safe zone....