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"You hallucinate a lot. I've seen snakes and mountain lions that weren't there" Why this Mali-born ex-footballer is running 3,200 miles from California to New York

In a letter to President Biden, the governors of California, New York, North Carolina and nine other states are calling for a ban on the sale of cars and light trucks that emit greenhouse gasses by 2035.

This is where Americans pay the most for condo insurance — it’s not California or New York

U.S. payrolls increased in 49 states with California, Texas and New York adding the most jobs toward the overall 916,000 gain

The Malian ex-footballer running across the US: He's suffered with injuries and hallucinations and even been attacked - so why is this ex-footballer running from California to New York City?

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U.S. payrolls increased in 49 states with California, Texas and New York adding the most jobs toward the overall 916,000 gain

Walter Mondale did better in Iowa than New York, and better in West Virginia than California. My parents were Reagan-hating, Mondale-voting NYC libs so the through line between today's politics and 80s politics feels very natural to me, but there have been huge realignments.

Lead Writer, California Today: New York, New York The New York Times We are seeking a lead writer for The New York Times’s California Today newsletter, a key and high-profile platform for reaching one of our… #MoreLatinosinNews 

In states like New York, California, New Jersey and Texas, Latinos under the age of 45 are dying at rates significantly higher than Whites — and even more so in older age groups. @NBCNewsUS  explains why, and speaks to those who have lost family.

All eyes were on Tuesday's large deals coming from the states of California and Connecticut as well as New York’s Triborough Bridge & Tunnel Authority.


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Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis was vilified for rejecting harsh lockdowns. But Florida’s Covid-19 numbers are better than California’s or New York’s, and its economy thrives, writes @AllysiaFinley 

It’s been more than three weeks since Election Day. And they’re still counting votes in California and New York. Think about that.

Two weeks after Election Day: -They’re still counting votes in New York, California, and Iowa. -They keep finding votes in the Georgia recount. -Who knows what’s happening in Pennsylvania. Election integrity!

New York, California, Illinois. People are FLEEING, Taxes and Crime are going through the roof. VOTE TRUMP, I will turn it around, and FAST!

To the great people of New York, California, and Illinois, your states are way too highly taxed, big crime, people fleeing, and just about every other problem you can have. VOTE TRUMP, I will turn them around for you, FAST!

California hired a pure Sleepy Joe Democrat firm to count and “harvest” votes. No way Republicans get a fair shake. Lawyers, get started!!! @GOPLeader  California is in big trouble. Vote Trump and watch the greatest comeback of them all!!! Also, New York and Illinois - go for it!

Seeing Donald Trump attack New York, California, and Illinois this morning reminds me of a guy who can’t get a date to the prom even thous his dad will let him borrow the BMW.

New York, New Jersey, and California all ordered nursing homes to take coronavirus patients, exposing their frail and elderly patients to the virus with deadly consequences.  This is a huge scandal.

A story that is not getting enough attention: The White House has yet to release disaster funds for New York, California and Washington State:

California and New York must do something about their TREMENDOUS Homeless problems. They are setting records! If their Governors can’t handle the situation, which they should be able to do very easily, they must call and “politely” ask for help. Would be so easy with competence!