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Jacinta Allan is the state's new Deputy Premier elected unopposed by Labor colleagues after four senior ministers resigned. The Andrews cabinet will also include five new ministerial faces to be sworn in on Monday. @tdolling  #7NEWS 

In 2012 @BorisJohnson  said "my chances of becoming prime minister are only slightly better than...being reincarnated as an olive." Even less likely he'll be reincarnated as 'Olive' Dowden - the Cabinet minister who quit because he felt personal responsibility for election losses

Ontario Premier Doug Ford has unveiled his cabinet for the 43rd Parliament and there are some big changes to the front bench.

God. How do the cabinet stomach this every day? #r4today 

The Civil Service Commission (CSC) has welcomed former cabinet secretary Karlo Nograles’ renomination by President-elect Ferdinand Marcos Jr. as Chairperson-designate of the agency.

There's many familiar faces and some new ones taking high-profile positions in Doug Ford's new cabinet at Queen's Park.

Newly appointed Prime Minister and Cabinet Secretary Glyn Davis received "a seal of approval" on Friday with a visit from the Governor-General David Hurley, via @neale_hannah 

As the four-day-old political crisis, triggered due to a revolt by a group of Sena MLAs led by cabinet minister Shinde, showed no signs of heading towards a resolution. #MaharashtraCrisis  #UddhavThackarey 

The most controversial cabinet pick by Premier Doug Ford: his own nephew. It's leading to accusations of nepotism. Here's some of the reaction, ICYMI on @CBCToronto  #onpoli 

Whoever thought putting a trashcan in a cabinet was a good idea 🙄

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The picture Nadine Dorries is retweeting is of Keir Starmer sharing a curry with Frank Dobson who died in 2019. Ergo he could not have been eating with Keir Starmer in 2021 no matter what time of day it was. Nadine Dorries is the Cabinet minister responsible for #disinformation 

JUST IN: “This is not news we deliver lightly,” @margbrennan  says as she reports: cabinet'>Trump Cabinet secretaries are discussing invoking the 25th Amendment to remove President Trump. Nothing formal yet presented to VP Pence. “I’m talking about actual members of the Cabinet,” she says

Keir Starmer is my political opponent but an honourable and decent man. No one in political office should be tweeting #disinformation  like this - least of all the Cabinet Secretary responsible for tackling disinformation. Nadine Dorries should take this down.

Italy is ready to rebuild the Theatre of #Mariupol . The cabinet of Ministers has approved my proposal to offer #Ukraine  the resources and means to rebuild it as soon as possible. Theaters of all countries belong to the whole humanity #worldheritage 

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As names of Biden's cabinet choices start leaking out, it seems his approach to staffing his administration will be a tad different from his predecessor’s. Experience and proven competence instead of nepotism and sycophancy.

Can't believe Charles Manson died before Trump could give him a cabinet position

Is there one brave member of Trump’s cabinet who would move to initiate the 25th amendment to remove him from office? Now is the time to save our country before this would-be dictator takes us all down!

If you look closely ... you can see your trophy cabinet ?? #YaGunnersYa 

After all the scandals involving unnecessarily expensive travel by cabinet secretaries, how much taxpayer money was wasted on this stunt?

@AFCAjax  Our cabinet is already pretty full, but don’t worry – we can always make more room ??