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Tories suddenly offering up Michael Gove for the C4News Party Leaders’ Climate Debate tomorrow night. Has there been a leadership coup at Tory HQ?

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“You’ve gone plant based haven’t you?” @krishgm  asks Corbyn, who sensibly doesn’t talk about himself #C4News  #debate 

I’m very saddened to hear of the death of former Sunday Times and C4News journalist David May. He was a cracking good reporter, who co-wrote an early biography of Jeremy Thorpe, and was also great company. He used to help take Michael Foot to Plymouth Argule matches.

Thousands of protesters are marching towards Parliament demanding a final say on Brexit. #SuperSaturday  #C4News 

Parliament on Saturday is going to be a straight choice between No Deal and No Brexit. Buckle up, everyone. #C4News 

The long arm of the law. Police corral an Octopus as it attempts to make its way down Whitehall in Westminster, central London. Captured by c4news producer @Liam_O_Hare 

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