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@SecRaimondo  and I met with women small business owners in Providence, RI. Small businesses employ nearly half of America's private sector workers – they're the fabric of our communities. That's why our Administration is taking action to support small businesses.

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Maxine Fassberg, former VP of Intel and CEO of Intel Israel, spoke today at the UN’s STI forum on how to make the innovation ecosystem more supportive and nurturing, especially for women, and on the responsibility of the business sector to create a strong and inclusive society.

With same-sex marriages recognised in almost 30 countries, and celebrities like Rihanna and Beyoncé, saying that they found the idea of women proposing to men "quite romantic", it’s sure to be good for business! #TheProjectTV 

Located in Lakeland's undeserved midtown neighborhood, The Well business center will help residents start or grow their business, with an emphasis on businesses owned by people of color, women and veterans.

“We should not ask women to put their jobs before their children,” Vice President Harris said Wednesday during a discussion with women business owners in Rhode Island. “It’s a false choice.”

Advisory business making progress on diversity, but slowly; only 16% of advisers are women, while 3.8% are Hispanic, 2.6% African American and 2.1% Asian, according to a study by Cerulli and the IAA .com @investmentnews 

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📚🌟 We're delighted to announce to the 16 writers longlisted for the @BaileysPrize 's new Discoveries programme, in partnership wit @cbcreative  ! Huge congratulations to all these incredible women writers, and great to have them on our Business Builder programme👏🏾 Read more👇🏾


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Terrorist mob was feet away from finding and likely murdering VP @mike_pence . Same w/ dozens of other men/women in Congress. Now @GOP  dismissing impeachment like it’s some kind of game, business as usual. Shame on them. We must hold Trump accountable to fullest extent.

The media is so after me on women Wow, this is a tough business. Nobody has more respect for women than Donald Trump!

Death should not be a taxable event, and I am proud to join with my colleagues to ensure working men and women, including America’s farmers, ranchers, and small business owners, are able to flourish!

Wonderful meeting with Canadian PM and a group of leading CEO's & business women from Canada??and the United States??

Today I will meet with Canadian PM Trudeau and a group of leading business women to discuss women in the workforce.

You can vote for: ?Proper social care for our elderly ?Free education and childcare ?Justice for the 1950s women ?A well-funded NHS for all ?A pay rise and lower bills You deserve it, the billionaires and big business will pay for it. That’s our plan for real change.

The trek to the southern border exposes vulnerable women and children to a high risk of violence, exploitation, & sex trafficking. Up to 80 percent of women are assaulted, according to some reports. Open borders empower the traffickers. Border security puts them out of business.

The domestic gag rule is a direct assault on women’s health. The White House has absolutely no business deciding what a doctor or nurse can say to their patient about legal medical procedures, including abortion. Period.

A man with this much contempt and disrespect for women has no business becoming president.

President Trump calls his accusers “women who I don’t know and/or have never met.” The list includes a former business partner, a contestant in one of his beauty pageants, a reporter who interviewed him and an Apprentice contestant.