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Trump's strategy has been to portray Biden as a bumbling fool in cognitive decline. That strategy seems to have gone up in smoke tonight. Even Biden's detractors are offering praise for that speech, because Trump set the bar so low.

Do u tremble at tyrannical Trump but despair at bumbling Biden? The parties of war, Wall St, white supremacy have betrayed us for too long. Here’s an exit strategy breaking out across the US to end the deadly 2-party tailspin. Bring it to your state too!

Bumbling Biden: ‘We the People, to Form a More Perfect Union, We Hold These Truths… We Never Accomplished’

When there's an emergency in the U.S. or around the world, your vote will decide who answers that call. Is Bumbling Biden the one we want commanding our country? Every time Joe Biden emerges from his basement, he shows Americans he's unfit to lead.

Bumbling Biden: @VDHanson  says Joe Biden’s press conference on Tuesday exposed his cognitive decline. #MAGA  #AmericaFirst  #Dobbs 

Joe Biden was asleep at the wheel on the threat China poses. With the news that China’s government is forcing birth control onto minority groups, America cannot afford a weak and bumbling Biden who is too afraid to take on China.

The Trump campaign’s efforts to portray Biden as a senile, bumbling fool—w/ @parscale  demanding today that cable carry Biden in full to expose this—would be more effective if Trump wasn’t suggested people ingest bleach and insinuating a 75-yr-old protester was actually Antifa


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HARD TO WATCH: This interview is painful. Joe Biden’s wandering, bumbling, stumbling, meandering, drawing-blanks over softball CNN questions. Half the time Biden just sits silently - otherwise he’s incomprehensible. Why is he doing this to himself? The senior moment candidate

Publicly the president and some of his backers have already started deploying attacks on Biden’s son, Hunter, while painting the 78-year old former vice president as a bumbling candidate who lacks the mental fitness to run the country.

I wonder if Biden’s bumbling idiot routine is an act, so that when the walls of his family’s Ukraine corruption close in on him, he can say, “Huh? What? I don’t remember anything that happened before I woke up this morning”

Biden calls the G-7 the “G-8.” Pretty soon he’ll be talking about World War VII and quoting “Malcolm the Tenth.” When my mom told me that in America “anyone can grow up and be president” I’m not sure this bumbling fool is what she had in mind

Joe Biden evidently thinks his programs benefit 720 million American women. This problem has gone beyond “sleepiness.” Does this bumbling nitwit have no clue as to the size of the nation’s population?