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Aleksei Alchin took part in a protest in Bulgaria two days after the large-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine began on February 24 in which he demonstratively burned his Russian passport.

Swiss group Calida Holding to open factory in central Romania -

Assembly speaker steps up arms sale campaign in Romania

Follow along as Special Advisor Minkara travels to Romania and Moldova! Working together with government officials, activists & int'l organizations, we can meaningfully support persons with disabilities in these countries, including refugees from Ukraine.

Oscars: ‘Borat 2’ Star Maria Bakalova To Chair Bulgaria’s Best International Film Selection Committee

"It seems strange to me. It all looks very strange. The prime minister of Hungary comes to Romania and roots for a team from Romania."

The acting chairman of Sanjeev Gupta’s Infrabuild business and former president of AFL club Essendon died in Romania.

A software programmer who left Romania for a job at Microsoft in the U.S. had a "crazy idea" that saw him return home and become one of the world's richest individuals.

Sima “Sylvia” Zealberg of Mount Pleasant passed away at the age of 103. 🙏 Born in Romania in 1919, she was a survivor of the Holocaust.

Corn fields from France to Romania are suffering under prolonged heat waves this summer


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BREAKING: @POTUS  announces new US military deployments to Europe: 1. Create permanent HQ for US 5th Army Corps in Poland 2. Deploy additional rotational brigade to Romania 3. Deploy 2 additional F-35 squadrons to the UK 4. "Enhance" rotational deployments in Baltics

Iasi airport in Romania absolutely packed with Ukrainian refugees taking flights to Bucharest, Dublin, Vienna, Warsaw. The only flight not full with Ukrainians is the one to London Luton, because they wouldn’t be allowed on without visas. Feels quite shameful as a Brit.

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Please NATO leaders, send all MIG fighter jets that we have -- 70 altogether, 27 alone in Poland -- to Ukraine right now. NOW! And once Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, and Slovakia send these planes, other NATO countries should send air reinforcements to these frontline states.

Just left Ukraine to Romania. Huge queues of 6+ hours in snow and wind, caused by Ukraine border checks. On the Ro side: food, hot drinks, free buses, help, volunteers, arranging of rooms. Free travel on Ro trains. Textbook case of a civilised and humane approach to refugees.

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Poland needs to send their 27 MiG 29s fighter jets to Ukraine right now. Slovakia, Romania, and Bulgaria do so. The US. in turn needs to send Poland F16s. Same for our other allies. Get this deal done. Every day counts. Putin is bombing airfields every day.

I am en route to Warsaw, Poland and later this week to Bucharest, Romania. This trip comes at an important moment as the United States continues to demonstrate unity with our NATO Allies and provide support to the people of Ukraine in response to Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

On a plane to Romania today I bumped into @CelticFC fans who invited me to join them watch their team play @CFR_1907_Cluj . So I did. @Oedouard22  impressed along with Celtic's discipline and determination. Great match and Celtic got a vital away goal to take into the second leg.

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President @realDonaldTrump  met with Prime Minister@BoykoBorissov  earlier today on measures to strengthen the strategic partnership between the U.S. and Bulgaria! ????

I think this is a big deal. Earlier this month, John McCain and I sent a letter to Romania’s government pushing them to stand up to corruption. Then, Giuliani - Trump’s spokesman - sent a letter contradicting both our letter and the State Dept position. And he got paid for it.