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The #BuildBackBetter  Act will reduce costs and deliver savings on prescription drugs for seniors.

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We need #BuildBackBetter  for our: Communities Planet Future #ClimateAction  cannot wait. Let’s get this done!

UPDATE: True cost of #BuildBackBetter  nearly $5 trillion, says independent budget report. via @budgethawks 

@POTUS  @JoeBiden  delivers remarks on how the #BuildBackBetter  plan will help lower the cost for prescription drugs.

Trump cost the US economy 3M jobs in 4 years. Biden has created 6M jobs in 10 months. Questions? #Jobs  #JobsReport  #BuildBackBetter 

Watch @SenSherrodBrown  lay out how #BuildBackBetter  will reduce costs for American families.

#BuildBackBetter includes hundreds of provisions that could benefit children and families in Idaho. @KelcieMMorris 

#BuildBackBetter or bring back American jobs? RT if you want more American jobs.

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Today, the Democratic House took a giant and historic step forward to #BuildBackBetter .

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#BREAKING -- U.S. House PASSES President Biden's Social Spending Plan, 220-213. #BBB  #BuildBackBetter 

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Investing in working families, creating jobs, lowering costs. That is our #BuildBackBetter  agenda.

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The #BuildBackBetter  Agenda will create millions of jobs while tackling the climate crisis. Let's get this done.

The #BuildBackBetter  Agenda —Lowers costs for families —Cuts taxes —Creates millions of jobs —Ensures the wealthy pay their fair share

We have to build an economy that works for everyone. That’s what the #BuildBackBetter  agenda is all about.

High-quality, affordable child care is critical for America’s families. The #BuildBackBetter  Agenda makes it a reality.

—Lowering costs for families. —Cutting taxes. —Creating jobs. That’s what #BuildBackBetter  is about.

It’s time to reinvest in the American people with the American Jobs Plan so we can #BuildBackBetter .