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'Cake Boss' Buddy Valastro gets teary-eyed on the "Today" show describing how his family helped him after an accident led to a gruesome hand injury.

What’s it like to debate a charismatic narcissist who will say anything to win? Ask anyone who faced Buddy Cianci

“My biggest mistake is grad school. I wish I could get those 3 years back.” A buddy confessed to me how grad school was the biggest waste of time. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution!

Hey there! How you doin'? Well, I'm slightly less apocalyptic. What's that? I mean, I think there's a 60% chance the world won't end in six months. OK, buddy. Now I remember why we've drifted apart. Have a nice day! You too.

Well Buddy I guess you won't be getting any tonight? 😯 GIF via kwilli1046


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Just chatted to my buddy@pulte , he pledged if this tweet gets 30K retweets he will give $10,000 towards @FosterFriess  $1 million challenge grant to help the Bahamas! #TwitterPhilanthrophy  Get to work and RT

If these guys can wear their masks and be happy about it so can we. This young man doesn't let challenges define him. Watch as he takes his little buddy on a ride in his “Radio Flyer” wagon. It isn’t hard to be kind.🌎❤️

Remembering my buddyHarvey ! His family are doing something amazing

I just wanna wish my friend @JordanPayton  best luck in the 2016 NFL draft #NFL  god love ya buddy I mean someone's got too

Happy birthday buddy! @ZacEfron  you will always be the Troy to my Sharpay. ❤️ you brother!

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