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A fintech podcast about CBDCs from @ChrisBrummerDr  which finally exposes the Die Hard (yep the Bruce Willis type) risk in your bank account.

These celebrity doppelgangers will have you looking twice, so can you tell Rihanna or Bruce Willis from the fake?

Feels like Bruce Willis and team heading for the asteroid take off in Armageddon :). But such are the times. India's largest airline @IndiGo6E  completes fifty thousand flights since coronavirus-led lockdown was eased. ✈

So I forgot at the beginning of bruce willis'>Armageddon Bruce Willis hits golf balls at green peace boats...

Want to feel old? Bruce Willis was 32 when he made Die Hard. His eldest daughter is now 32. And I remember, very clearly, when she was born.

Bruce Willis the cat was wandering the streets for years. He was finally rescued and adopted, and his transformation is wonderful. Love this!

This asteroid encounter isn't going to be anything like that Bruce Willis movie.