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🙏 Rest in Peace 🙏 "My Brother Teddy , Freddie Grooves was a son a brother ,uncle friend he was Special he was all's been a month and it still so hard he touched so many lives and left and impact on all of us. He is missed so much ..💔😥"

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Staying active during quarantine. Putting in extra time at practice. And cutting his brother's hair? Hear from the hardworking Teddy Blueger ⬇️

#goodnews A little girl came into our world this week & stole our hearts. I couldn’t be more in love. Already @BenRichardson79daddy ’s girl & super cute sidekick for big brother Teddy. If you are looking for the good in 2020 it’s moments like this 🌈❤️

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My talk with Riley Howell’s family on this one year anniversary - how they feel Riley is still with them in many ways. And brother Teddy’s message to families who lost someone suddenly during the pandemic. How to keep their memory alive. Next @WBTV_News  at 7:30 #CharlotteStrong 

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HEARTBREAKING 💔Ron was a husband, father and brother to Minnesota Lt. Gov. Peggy Flanagan, who said he was "a tough-as-nails Marine who was a big teddy bear on the inside."

Robbie Williams' daughter Teddy pictured going off for ballet lesson following arrival of baby brother

Do you know that Teddy and Hannah are getting a new brother in the new year? Yes!!! The name reveal has been LOCKED DOWN til launch day. But! OV got wind that it might start with K and shes gone MAD guessing! "Kittle! Would it be Kittle? Or Krishp? Or Kushtard? Or Kaw-rinflake?"

Our last remaining foster kitty is feeling a bit lonely without his brother and sisters. Teddy has gallantly stepped up as a playmate

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... "I was raised a #cubs  fan and my brother was an #SFGiants  fan, which put my nephew Teddy in an awkward spot. Now that I'm with the #SFGiants  , at least Teddy as some clarity. "

Ema's phone's screensaver is Teddy (MissyHannah's big brother) and Hannah kept grabbing it and giving 'Teddy' great big shlobbery kisses. She's a SWEETHEART (More)...


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When Jimmy's brother & sister-in-law sent his daughter an enormous 8 foot tall teddy bear for Christmas, here's how he thanked them.

"People are calling him a hero...but he's always been my hero," says Teddy Howell, the brother of the heroic student, Riley Howell, who stopped the UNC Charlotte gunman and lost his life doing so. Today, hundreds of people are lining the streets of NC to honor him.

A teddy bear comforts 5-year-old Genesis, who has a fever and has spent the last two nights with her mother and brother at a US-Mexico border crossing. The Honduras family is seeking asylum in the US. has their story on . (Video: )

Aaron Feis was an assistant football coach who was killed after jumping in front of students to protect them. He graduated from the school in 1999. “Big ol’ teddy bear,” the head coach said. “Loved his family. Loved his brother — just an excellent family man.”

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After being found under a car on a boiling hot day, Ragnar the rescue pup has made an amazing recovery, playing with his "big brother" Teddy.

Los Angeles woman finds lost teddy bear with recording of soldier brother who died after struggle with PTSD

Everything about these boys is greatness! ... Jaymi: big brother JJ: my dilly donkey George: my cheeky monkey Josh: my teddy bear x ❤