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"The Brooks Brothers Riot ": During the 2000 Florida recount a GOP mob stormed the Miami-Dade Elections office and stopped the count. They claimed it was a "spontaneous act " by "local Cuban American activists. " They were actually paid Republican DC operatives. #537Votes  on @hbomax 

Simon Property is using its financial strength to buy other mall operators like Taubman Centers and tenants like bankrupt apparel retailers Brooks Brothers and Lucky Brand.

These 5 companies are buying up bankrupt 'zombie brands' like Brooks Brothers, Pier 1, and Anne Klein

"And #RogerStone  was a key element of the Brooks Brothers Riot in 2000 Gore v Bush. This is not his first rodeo."

Joel Kaplan was a Brooks Brothers "rioter" and interfered with the 2000 election; Peter Thiel doesn't think Facebook should fact-check political ads; and Steve Bannon, well, you know.

Guys. This isn’t going to play out as an actual successful coup d’etat and they know it. This is Brooks Brothers Riot II, the all-new-all-shittier sequel, directed by Steve Bannon and Roger Stone, produced with Putin or some crap.

Real-estate titan David Simon explains why the US' largest mall operator has been buying up bankrupt retailers like JCPenney and Brooks Brothers

Brooks Brothers Landscaping Inc Riot

watch for chads in brooks brothers heading down to georgia if you understand this, you too are old


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Now seems like a good time to remind everyone that @facebook 's head of global policy, Joel Kaplan, was one of the original architects of 2000's phony "Brooks Brothers riot," along with Roger Stone -- who ran "Stop the Steal PAC."

"The Brooks Brothers Riot": During the 2000 Florida recount a GOP mob stormed the Miami-Dade Elections office and stopped the count. They claimed it was a "spontaneous act" by "local Cuban American activists." They were actually paid Republican DC operatives. #537Votes  on @hbomax 

Storied apparel brand Brooks Brothers files for bankruptcy, as it seeks buyer and closes some stores

Breaking News: Brooks Brothers, the oldest U.S. apparel brand in continuous operation, filed for bankruptcy, the latest retailer to fall during the coronavirus pandemic

brooks brothers'>Retailer Brooks Brothers filed for bankruptcy, squeezed by the coronavirus pandemic and a yearslong shift to casual office attire

Brooks Brothers converting NY, Mass and NCarolina factories from making ties and shirts to making masks and gowns. They are making 150,000 masks a day starting now.

Brooks Brothers will make 150,000 masks a day in coronavirus fight

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One thing about the lie that Kavanaugh protestors are Soros-funded: it's anti-Semitic and rejects the legitimacy of dissent. But it's also projection: This is in fact what Republicans have done, e.g. in the "Brooks brothers riot" against a Florida recount

They're trying to convince you that Lt. Col. Vindman, who wears a Springfield rifle on a sea of blue, with a purple heart is not loyal to our country. Just because it's cloaked in a Brooks Brothers suit and parliamentary language doesn't make it any more defensible.

The Brooks Brothers raid on due process was attempted sabotage. They're obstructing justice.