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Somebody has to go first in practices and workouts, and all indications are Carson Beck will be at the head of the line. Meanwhile, fellow quarterbacks Brock Vandagriff and Gunner Stockton promise to be breathing down his neck every step of the way.

Kirby Smart and Kendall Milton had some good insights into the #UGA  quarterback competition. "I don’t think people give Carson enough credit..." "The one thing about Brock, he surprised me a little bit." "...he knows the offense in and out."

Jimmy Garoppolo is finally out of San Francisco, ready to start the next phase of his career wearing the Raiders' silver and black. Sam Darnold is heading out West, where he'll replace Garoppolo and join Trey Lance and Brock Purdy with the 49ers.

I'd say this Hargrave $84M signing confirms the 49ers are not getting into the veteran QB game. Taking advantage of Lance/Purdy undervalued contracts.

Canucks Q&A: Brock Boeser's revealing journey of pain, healing, hope

Canucks Q&A: Brock Boeser's revealing journey of pain, healing, hope

Brock Purdy might not receive full clearance for another six months, but one Bay Area surgeon suggests that could be a positive for the #49ers  quarterback.

Moline's Brock Harding: “It still doesn’t feel real. People told me teams not from Chicago or the ‘burbs don’t win it. We came here and shut them all up.”

Moline's Brock Harding drains a three, Benet takes a timeout trailing 12-5 in the 1Q.


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"Seize all democratic politicians and Biden key staff and select Republicans (Thune and McConnell). Begin interrogations using measures we used on Al Queda to gain evidence on the coup." Here's what feds say Larry Brock had planned on Jan. 6. DOJ seeking five years in prison.

A Purdy unbelievable run. The @49ers  are headed to the NFC Championship! #NFLPlayoffs  #DALvsSF 

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RAPE CULTURE: Brock Turner's dad is sad he only got "20 minutes of action" & doesn't even like eating steaks anymore

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15 years ago today, Eddie Guerrero upset Brock Lesnar for the WWE championship. R.I.P. to a legend. (via @WWE )

Brock Turner has been released from jail after serving only three months. Here's what he missed.

Thank you Brock – it is my honor! “We @FEMA ) have never had the support that we have had from this President.” Administrator@FEMA_Brock 

We now know that the Hillary Clinton campaign and DNC paid for the Russian dossier; and we now know that David Brock, founder of Media Matters, raised funds to pay women if they'd go public against Donald Trump a few weeks before the election.  

Brock Osweiler just assassinated a man with a football.

JUST IN: The judge who sentenced Brock Turner to six months probation just sentenced a Latino man to 3 years for the same crime.