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Does it strike anyone else as bizarre that Scott Morrison still hasn't found time to sit down and listen to Brittany Higgins? I wonder how many donors and lobbyists he's met with in the past few weeks instead. @Brittan48223876 

#BREAKING Brittany Higgins says it is “disappointing” she hasn’t been able to yet lock in a meeting with Prime Minister@ScottMorrisonMP  despite weeks of trying, @JoshButler  reports. #auspol 

Brittany Higgins disappointed PM's office yet to arrange a meeting

Brittany Higgins has expressed her disappointment at the time taken to arrange a meeting with Scott Morrison, saying ‘the time for action is now’.

Brittany Higgins, who was allegedly sexually assaulted inside Parliament House, has written to the Prime Minister expressing her wishes for their upcoming meeting. #9News 

The long-awaited meeting between former staffer Brittany Higgins and Prime Minister Scott Morrison to discuss the Australian Parliament’s toxic workplace culture could be early as next week.

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Alleged rape victim Brittany Higgins could meet with the Prime Minister as early as next week. #9News 

The six demands Brittany Higgins will make when she meets the PM to change Parliament House's culture


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This 👇 was my question to @ScottMorrisonMP  (& his answer) following the remark his wife Jenny told him to think about what he would want for their daughters if they were in Brittany Higgins' position. @10NewsFirst  @Studio10au  #auspol 

* Brittany Higgins * Kate * Defence chief warns women re alcohol & being attractive. * Laming upskirts * Empathy training * Fin Review on Sam Maiden * Christine Holgate * Navy Twerkers * Newspaper 1985-style phwoars What a time to be alive, a woman, in Australia.

“It shouldn't take having children to have a conscience.” - Australian of the Year Grace Tame was asked what she thought of Scott Morrison’s use of the phrase “as a father”, referring to a chat he had with wife Jenny, when he responded to allegations by Brittany Higgins#abc730 

Talk about not reading the room. Govt just gagged @AlboMP  me and @JulieCollinsMP  - stopping us from moving a motion calling for an inquiry into Porter allegations; explanation of handling of Brittany Higgins matter; action on @work '>Respec @Work  & more prevention of gendered violence

#Auspol THREAD: Just saw Brittany Higgins’ extraordinary interview w @Lisa_Wilkinson . Wanted to put some things on the record. 1. Of the many women politicians we called for @4corners  Inside the Canberra Bubble, only one who refused to speak & hung up phone was Linda Reynolds.

Just consider this. The main security guard who saw Brittany Higgins hasn’t been talked to. Just think about that #4corners 

Grace Tame was asked about PM @ScottMorrisonMP  needing to speak with his wife Jenny to gain "clarity" about Brittany Higgins' rape allegation. Her response was concise. And spot on. 👏👏👏 @10NewsFirst  #auspol  #NPC  @naveenjrazik 

Last week I revealed the PMO was backgrounding against Brittany Higgins partner. Labor asked about it in the Senate. Simon Birmingham reported back the PM isn’t aware of anyone doing that. I’ve asked the PMO if the PM bothered to look into it or is just happily unaware 🤷‍♂️

The PM really should stop calling Brittany Higgins “Brittany” every time he refers to her in Question Time. She believes he’s engaged in victim blaming, she isn’t happy the investigation into his office is being done by the PMs former CoS. Please show her respect, it’s Ms Higgins

Brittany Higgins has released a statement which includes this: “The continued victim-blaming rhetoric by the Prime Minister is personally very distressing to me and countless other survivors.”