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Declaring a state of emergency in October 1952 the British proceeded to wage forest war, while targeting 1.5 million civilian Kikuyu thought to have proclaimed their allegiance to the Mau Mau campaign. That fight took place in a system of detention camps.

Today’s WorldView: The U.S. and British right ramp up the war on ‘wokeness’

Analysis: The U.S. and British right ramp up the war on "wokeness"

#UPDATE  Prince Philip, who has died at the age of 99, had a nomadic upbringing through World War II before becoming the British royal family's patriarch. Here are five snapshots of his life.

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Prince Philip was born in Greece, fought in the Second World War, and became the longest-serving consort to a British monarch. He was also the love of Queen Elizabeth II’s life. He died at the age of 99.

Deeply saddened to hear of the passing of Prince Philip. In the course of his remarkable lifetime of service - in the Royal Navy during the Second World War and in the decades since - he visited the British Nylon Spinners factory here in Torfaen. (1/2)

In the heart and home of the Royal Navy we are grateful for his distinguished service during the Second World War and we recognise his enduring commitment to Her Majesty The Queen and their royal duties, which embodied the spirit of British public service.

The Tories licence billions of pounds worth of arms to regimes for war & repression. British bombs murder & maim innocent people. This shameful record must end. Tonight I'm speaking at the relaunch of Coventry@STWuk  on the UK's role in Yemen. Register 👇🏽

British fascist party leader in Foyle’s war, season 9, last episode in the series aired in January 2015: “my party can make britain great again...what i am talking about is a europe without jews...a europe without poles...” few months before trump rode escalator. old playbook.

The area was named Cowans Gap in honor of John Samuel Cowan - a British major in the Revolutionary War who married a Patriot woman. They settled where the park now resides after their wagon broke down traveling from Chambersburg to Kentucky.


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‘Don’t Arab and Iraqi women weep when their children die? Doesn’t bombing strengthen their determination?’ — This iconic 1998 anti-war speech from former British MP Tony Benn is more relevant than ever

The last time this much British tea was spilled there were man-of-war ships in Boston harbor.

Tomorrow marks the 75th anniversary of Clement Attlee’s Labour Government. Out of the devastation of World War II, Labour transformed the lives of British people by building a million homes, introducing the modern welfare state and of course, creating our NHS.

Before the election, publicity for the ITV broadcast of my film, The Dirty War on the NHS, was subject to an embargo at the very time that the film's theme, the sell-off of the NHS, was at the forefront of British politics. The ITV broadcast is now on Tuesday 17 Dec, at 10.45pm.

Behind the warplanes and weapons the UK supplies to Saudi Arabia, Dispatches investigates the thousands of British contractors helping keep the Saudi planes in the air. With so many Yemeni civilians being killed by Saudi Arabian airstrikes, is this Britain's hidden war?

it took us 241 years, but america has finally infiltrated the british monarchy and phase 2 of the revolutionary war can begin

British politicians now using their murdered former colleague Jo Cox to wage their viciously tribal Brexit war. Parliament has reached a new low, on all sides. Disgraceful.

“As Trump administration draws up war plans against Iran over what it says are threats to American troops and interests, a senior British military official told reporters he saw no increased risk from Iran or allied militias” via ⁦⁩ @nytimes 

? 104 Years Ago Today: ?? British soldiers put down their weapons ?? German soldiers put down their weapons ⚽️ Was played between the trenches of World War I.

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I’m sick & tired of hearing 'British jobs' being paraded as an excuse for selling weapons to a serial human rights abusing nation that's been accused of war crimes. If this Government has any moral compass at all it will stop arms sales to Saudi Arabia immediately. #PMQs