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British Jewry security service, CST, said it was not treating the incident, in which a suspect was detained by police, as terrorist attack

@stephenpollard  @JewishChronYou’ve been an outstanding editor of this historic title, Stephen. I’m delighted that you will be Editor-at-large of a merged publication and wish you & your colleagues every success in all future endeavours serving British Jewry & public debate.

UK Labor Party Apologizes to British Jewry

@PJRaymond2406  @mattfordeAn  overwhelming majority of British Jews believe (correctly, in my opinion) that Corbyn is antisemitic. You might wish to ask why they’ve come to that view of the titular leader of a party with deep historical roots in Anglo-Jewry.

British Jewry breathed a collective sigh of relief on Friday after @jeremycorbyn  and his antisemitism riddled #LabourParty  were resoundingly defeated by the @Conservatives  in Thursday’s general election.

"The real threat to British Jewry is coming from the Zionists and right-wing politicians who want to conflate anti-Semitism with anti-Zionism." — #AJOpinion , by Tony Greenstein

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As I wrote here, Williamson has baited British Jews in a way that is remorseless, provocative & inflammatory. It is scandalous that a party with roots in Anglo-Jewry & humane ideals should ever have tolerated this noisome individual.

@CapX  I addressed a large synagogue on eve of 2016 referendum, & argued that Jewish interests & values were best served by Remain. I strongly hold to that view. It is culpable that Corbyn & his supporters have made British Jewry not only hostile to Labour but fearful of it.

I spoke to @toby_greene_  about the "Israelization" of British Jews - the extent to which Israel is central to Jewish identity in the UK in the 21st century. A lot of interesting data about demographics of UK Jewry, rates of intermarriage, Corbyn etc

@PonderfulUK  @JewishChronWell , you see, a response of laughing at the fact that almost British Jews (>85%) believe Labour is led by an antisemite is not wise. Corbyn has created a crisis for the party & instilled fear - real fear - in British Jewry. I could have told him this would happen.


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Please do read ’s column about the courage of . It transcends party politics and explains why British Jewry is fearful in a way that would have been inconceivable till very recently.

How British Jewry's newest anti-occupation group intends to upend the status quo | Opinion@NaamodUK 

Would Corbyn as prime minister pose a threat to the very existence of British Jewry? Don’t. Be. Silly. : Opinion

No one gets to say who are good Jews. Not even jews. By losing it over Jeremy Corbyn’s invitation to a seder by the radical Jewdas group, so-called leaders of British Jewry have tainted the campaign against anti-Semitism | Analysis

Campaign Against Anti-Semitism: “This is a very clear two fingered salute at mainstream British Jewry

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The pro-Palestinian activist who's challenging the norms of British Jewry#BDS