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Fees will increase more than fivefold when a British shopper uses a Mastercard debit or credit card to buy from an EU-based company

With 1.6 million subscribers at the time of writing, Wyndham-Read – a former British Army corporal – racked up more than 58 million views last year

British oil and gas company BP has drastically scaled back the team that looks for more oil as part of a plan to transition to renewable energy sources

British oil and gas company BP has drastically scaled back the team that looks for more oil as part of a plan to transition to renewable energy sources. Read more

British Gas says it's offering only a "a very limited emergency service", to prioritise vulnerable households. Other customers who have no heating or hot water are advised to find an engineer and claim back the cost if they can't get a British Gas appointment within four days 🥶

British businesses failing. British entrepreneurs crushed. British jobs and tax revenues exported abroad. Welcome to the Boris's Brexit.

It's less that the British government isn't capable of doing things, it's that we discuss things like international travel quarantine, which many countries with far lower incomes do perfectly well, as if they're really difficult or even insurmountable tasks.

As British Gas engineers in the GMB union go on strike again today in a dispute over pay, here's my piece from Saturday's edition of @thetimes  on how customers whose boilers break down are facing days or even weeks without heating and hot water

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10 British TV shows we're excited about in 2021

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Watch the moment a British retired Royal Marine suffering from degenerative Parkinson’s Disease had his world changed forever

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There cannot be one rule for Dominic Cummings and another for the British people.

Peter Daszak is a British-born American PhD who’s spent a career discovering dangerous viruses in wildlife, especially bats. In 2003, he warned 60 Minutes a pandemic was coming. Two weeks ago, NIH funding for his virology research was killed.

#BREAKING : Jeffrey Epstein confidante, British socialite and heiress Ghislaine Maxwell, has been arrested by the FBI, sources tel @jonathan4ny 

So happy to get a little bit of a British summer

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You want to know what’s a mockery of public service, John? Killing 500 people outside of any judicial system. Drone strikes on American citizens. british'>Approving British spies to present a dossier of lies paid for by Hillary. Lying to Congress. Your shame alone should shut you up.

My heart goes out to the victims and their families in London. No act of terror can shake the strength and resilience of our British ally.

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