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The Pfizer and Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccines have been "highly effective" in reducing coronavirus infections and severe illness among elderly people in Britain, with a more than 80% reduction in hospitalization, official data showed. #COVID19 

Britain’s state-owned business bank has stripped Greensill Capital of a government guarantee on loans to the metals tycoon Sanjeev Gupta’s empire

If it tastes like gin but doesn’t have alcohol, is it gin? Britain’s Gin Guild is brawling over how to label a new variety of drinks

Six people in Britain have tested posted for the Brazilian variant of Covid – but only five have been identified. We don’t know who the other one is – or where they are. "Thankfully, we’ve got our best man on the case," writes @MichaelPDeacon 

In February it was reported that the number of black people at the top of Britain’s biggest listed companies had fallen to zero, despite public commitments to increase diversity in leadership.

The NYT piece 'Behind the Lines of Britain’s Covid War' provides a disturbing overview of something that's been dominating our lives for a year - Britain's flawed response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

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CPA link: Global Trade Technology Can Help Solve Brexit Supply Chains:   Less than a month after the UK completed its separation from the European Union, Britain’s five largest business groups … The… ^Thomson > #tax  #accounting 

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Britain has been sparing with licences to grow medical marijuana. On “The Intelligence@tomjrowley  explains how a few of its islands can get going anyway

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“The decision to refuse to allow horses trained by Mr Elliott to run in Britain is therefore an interim decision which the BHA regards as proportionate in these circumstances.”


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Paging Dr. Fauci! According to JHU, NY’s per capita death rate is more than 2X greater than Italy Spain & Britain & more than 8X worse than Florida & 10X worse than Texas. For you to say NY got it done correctly disregards the facts & calls your judgement into question.

RIP Captain Sir Tom Moore, 100. A magnificent man. A national hero. In our darkest hour since WW2, he rallied Britain with his resilience, courage and optimism. Let us all heed his mantra in our own lives: ‘Tomorrow will be a good day.’ Thank you, Tom.

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Muslims didn’t visit homes on Eid, Hajj didn’t take place, no Diwali for Hindus, no Vaisakhi for Sikhs. Yet at Christmas it’s perfectly legal to have three families over for 5 days - illegal during the entire pandemic. Never let it be said that minorities don’t put Britain first.

“We believe these people are thieves. The big city machines are corrupt. This was a stolen election. Best pollster in Britain wrote this morning that this clearly was a stolen election, that it’s impossible to imagine that Biden outran Obama in some of these states.

Kate Bingham, heads Britain’s vaccine task force. No experience in that area. She’s a venture capitalist. Married to a Tory minister. Dido Harding leads Test & Trace. No experience in that area. Married to a Tory MP. Mike Coupe, head of COVID testing. No experience etc etc etc

It's weird how extreme an idea like defunding the police is painted in Britain when defunding the arts, libraries, education, mental health, and the NHS have been public policy for decades

My 14 year old, at breakfast in Britain: "Oh, yeah, Dad. I did that too. I registered for three tickets to the Trump rally in Tulsa."

Has anyone in Ireland or Britain seen the McDonalds TV advert where the couple are in the airport! I know it's random but it's too funny!

Congratulations to Boris Johnson on his great WIN! Britain and the United States will now be free to strike a massive new Trade Deal after BREXIT. This deal has the potential to be far bigger and more lucrative than any deal that could be made with the E.U. Celebrate Boris!

I can't get my head around what's happening in Britain.I'm so sorry to the youth of Britain. I fear you've been let down today x