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What to know about the proposed Bristol Motor Speedway deal to bring NASCAR back to Nashville

Well this is just sublime, isn't it? 🤩 @markatkinson_  🤝 @charris_13  Watch the highlights from our bonus-point win over Bristol now! 👇

Four employees allege that Bristol Myers is concluding their politics is the real reason they won't be vaccinated.

Bristol is one of the worst performing biopharmas this year. Will 2022 be different? via SeekingAlpha#news  #SeekingAlpha 

A most unusual murder weapon — a conch shell — used to solve 2001 New Bedford murder, Bristol DA says

'They were kidnapping and killing people' - Afghan refugee living in Bristol on fleeing Taliban

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Permanent Protections in View for Bristol Bay

Bristol-based Clifton Coffee Roasters embraced new ways of working by training baristas and holding tasting sessions remotely on @MicrosoftTeams . It helped them supply over 80 new coffee shops across the UK. #SmallBizSatUK  #Coffee  #Microsoft 

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'They were kidnapping and killing people' - Afghan refugee living in Bristol on fleeing Taliban

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A spokesperson for Bristol Myers Squibb said: The Bristol Myers Squibb community is deeply saddened by Amanda Dabrowski’s tragic death and we have extended our sympathies to her family.


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Pilot lands plane sideways in heavy crosswinds at Bristol Airport ?✈️

A sculpture of a black woman who took part in a Black Lives Matter protest in Bristol has been erected on the plinth where a statue of slave trader Edward Colston used to stand ?: @BenBirchallUK 

People in Bristol were on the streets standing up to the #PoliceCrackdownBill  and defending our right to protest. This is how they were treated. That's totally unacceptable.

The heavy-handed policing in Bristol yesterday is further proves that the police already wield unnecessary and excessive power against protesters. There is now the urgent need for an independent investigation into the use of force by the police in Bristol #KillTheBill 

"Once again they sweep their mess under the rug, for us young people - for their children - to clean up for them." Greta Thunberg tells climate strikers in Bristol that "world leaders are behaving like children".

this is the guy who should have his own statue in Bristol: Paul Stephenson, who in 1963 led the Bristol bus boycott

Watch the moment a statue of slave trader Edward Colston is pulled down in Bristol city centre during #BLMbristol 

A statue of a Black Lives Matter protester has replaced a monument of a slaver. Demonstrators dumped the statue of Edward Colston in the UK’s Bristol Harbour in June. The new statue was installed secretly overnight with a plaque saying: “Rejected by the citizens of Bristol.“

Protesters against systemic racism in Bristol, United Kingdom, defaced and tore down a bronze statue depicting slave trader Edward Colston, rolling through the streets and then throwing it into the river to a wave of applause.

BREAKING: Nigel Farage just told @GMB  that Germany was right to remove Hitler statues... .. but racial inequality protestors in Bristol were wrong to rip down slave owner/trader Edward Colston’s statue. ?