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After #COVID19 , the investment gaps we saw in climate change, digitalization, skills, and infrastructure will widen, says Werner Hoyer of the @EIB , but we need to support the efforts to bridge them. Watch more at the link. #TheGreenRecovery  #ClimateWeek 

Zacks Investment Research Lowers Bridge Bancorp $BDGE to Sell

Zacks Investment Research Lowers Bridge Bancorp $BDGE to Sell

The FCC under Chairman@AjitPaiFCC , has worked to: ✅ Bridge the digital divide ✅ Promote innovation & investment ✅ Protect consumers ✅ Enhance public safety ✅ Eliminate & modernize outdated @FCC  regulations Read about these accomplishments here: .

The new bridge is part of a $122 million transportation investment in Walker County.

African Development Bank and Nigerian government launch a national electrification project to bridge the country’s energy access gaps. Joint financing will de-risk and scale up private sector investment in the off-grid sector. #PowerAfrica  #AfDBAM2020 

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Bridge Bancorp $BDGE Downgraded by Zacks Investment Research to Hold

£38m found by @scotgov  @FionaHyslop  for early stage business: * £3m in grants, <£50k, for start-ups with growth potential * £25m challenge fund <£300k for equity-backed biz to bridge gap to next investment round * £10m for Scottish Investment Bank to match private investment


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"A vote for the SNP is a vote to escape Brexit." @NicolaSturgeon  says as an independent country, Scotland would be in a "unique" position to 'act as a bridge between the UK and the EU' making them "a magnet for global investment". Get #GE2019  news here?

??????? An independent Scotland could act as a "bridge between the EU and the UK" and be a "magnet for global investment", Nicola Sturgeon is to tell SNP members. @BBCNews  #SNP19 

When LBJ made a major education investment, he told the country that it was to “bridge the gap between helplessness and hope.” 54 years later, this gap remains — but I am determined to keep building that bridge as president.

Today in Windsor, full construction begins on the Gordie Howe International Bridge between Windsor & Detroit. The project will grow our economy, encourage increased trade and investment, and create good, well-paying jobs on both sides of the border:

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Significant news from Chelsea: Plans for new stadium at Stamford Bridge halted due to "current unfavourable investment climate"

Proud to introduce the Bridge Investment Act with and to repair and replace outdated bridges across the country, and promote American jobs.

New #FinTech  Bridge will support UK firms expand to Hong Kong and encourage more investment into UK markets:

Some of yall b sleepin on the very ppl who could b the bridge to ur biggest opportunities. stop chasin clout, start looking for investment.

Man arrested on suspicion of pushing woman in front of a bus on Putney Bridge is millionaire US investment banker