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67-Year-Old Arlington Man Arrested, Charged in Road Rage Incident

Keep up with road closures around the Toledo area to plan your trips accordingly 🚧⬇️

What a beautiful day for the annual @LOCAL_718 ⁩ 10k Memorial road Race. A family fun day for all . Thank you to Chief Gerry Powers &. Captain Brian Sellon for all their hard work .The race helps to raise money for cancer and cardiac screening for firefighters.

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Patriots in their home navy blues, Cowboys in their road whites

“There is something deep within us that rejects the idea that the road just stops,” says @Tish_H_Warren . “We feel there must be more. We must be made for more: more conversations, more laughter, more breaths to take, more miles to walk along the trail.”

BREAKING: Electrical engineer killed in horror smash after vehicle came off road and hit men who were working

Workman on pavement hit and killed by car that came off the road

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Police investigated a fatal wreck that occurred in the westbound lanes of Windy Hill Road, west of Village Parkway.

Baby Ribs, known for its mobile barbecue pit on the corner of Locust and Walnut Streets in Lockport, now has a brick-and-mortar location.


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The 80th Old Town Road remix is here ?? Listen to #SeoulTownRoad  from @viewsfromnas  x @bts_twtm @bts_bighit'>@BTS_twtM @bts_bighit of ✨

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Nothing angers and saddens me more than not being available to and for my teammates! I’m hurt inside and out right now. ??‍♂️. The road back from recovery begins now. Back soon like I never left. #ThekidfromAKRON ??

Perfect. Trump’s last day. The Military Band right outside the White House — “Hit The Road Jack”...

Now the real work begins. To beat this pandemic. To rebuild our economy. To root out systemic racism in our justice system and society. To combat the climate crisis. To heal the soul of our nation. The road ahead won't be easy. But America is ready. And so are @JoeBiden  and I.

It’s the 150 person crew of carpenters, lighting, riggers, sound, stage manager Mill that flew the globe with us. it’s our band, our security boys, tour managers, our managers, our label, Sarah cooking our food for us on the road. Today is a day to celebrate those guys also.

Proper missing you all and wishing I was on the road. How are you??

Can’t wait to get back on the road! See you all soon.

Three police officers stopped this man on the side of the road, accused him of suspicious activity, picked him up, slammed him down, broke his wrist, handcuffed him while he was screaming — then realized they had the wrong man. Because - skin color...

If this is true, there is something truly evil about leaving piles of bricks the day before Pride starts when the first brick at Stonewall was thrown by a black trans woman. I don’t want to spread misinformation, but be smart and don’t get played.

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