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Brian Stelter Calls Out ‘Sound of Surrender’ on Covid From Trump Admin: President Is ‘Resisting Reality’

CNN's Brian Stelter complains Jeffrey Toobin has been 'sidelined at a pivotal moment' in election. Social media takes him to the woodshed. #politicalhedge 

‘On a recent BBC show, Cbrian stelter'>NN’s Brian Stelter and Axios’ Sara Fischer defended the social media suppression of the New York Post’s Hunter Biden story. It’s not a clever tactic in a hyperpartisan world where no one believes each other’ - @MindOfMicahC 

Brian Stelter goes all cranky-pants when CNN's media ethics are questioned! HOW DARE YOU !

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Susan Ferrechio speaks for all of us who don't love CNN. She's en fuego! Brian Stelter goes all cranky-pants when CNN's media ethics are questioned! HOW DARE YOU!

Brian Stelter Gets Lit Up During an Interview With Susan Ferrechio

CNN media reporter Brian Stelter lost his temper during a BBC Radio 4 roundtable at the suggestion that mainstream media newsrooms had shown poor ethics and a double standard in their breathless reporting of the “Russia collusion” hoax.

CNN's Brian Stelter Destroyed By Washington Examiner's Susan Ferrechio Over Biden Email Scandal (Jordan Davidson / The Federalist)


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1. CNN's Brian Stelter is one of the dumbest and nastiest propagandists for the resistance.  He is part of the modern-media complex that has destroyed true freedom of the press.

CNN invested heavily in Russia collusion and the prosecution of #Flynn . If these narratives collapse, so does CNN. Consequently Brian Stelter accuses us of being obsessed with these stories. He wants to get attention away from them and so he shrieks, “The virus! The virus!”

Btwn Chris Cuomo’s staged, “emergence” from quarantine & Brian Stelter tweeting he hides under his covers & cries, CNN news anchors should just read news. Imagine Walter Cronkite bursting into tears on TV like a teenager who got a pimple on prom night!

Where’s Brian Stelter’s correction and apology? This fraud and his phony network are never held to account for their reckless abuse of journalistic standards, such as they are.

Survey: which phony journalist is the best Adam Schiff mouthpiece? Chuck Todd, Jake Tapper, Brian Stelter, Andrea Mitchell, or name another choice.

On what basis or standard is CNN's Brian Stelter a "journalist?" He's a consistent conservative-bashing, Fox-bashing, Trump-bashing mouthpiece and a reckless rumor-mongering propagandist. Thoughts?

Trevor Noah is a fool. He should visit Israel and see how Trump is viewed here — as a historic figure. And Brian Stelter never disappoints. He’s a pathetically ignorant propagandist who allows the fool Noah smear the president without retort. 

Others are finally realizing what I pointed out in March 2017. Cbrian stelter'>NN’s Brian Stelter is a fraud. Better late than never.