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Adventures in 'Canzuk': why Brexiters are pinning their hopes on imperial nostalgia | Peter Geoghegan

@Sam1Fleming  @FinancialTimesI  have years this story since I first moved to London in 1987. It never happened. This time MAY be different and the City will have the Brexiters to thank.

@StefanCross1  my view too, but hardline Brexiters don't want to hear that. Lawyers 4 Brexit blocked me for saying that united Ireland was more likely than Irexit.

This was James O’Brien’s reaction to Brexiters backing the Government’s new Brexit bill, which sees the ‘oven ready deal’ scrapped. @mrjamesob  | #InternalMarketBill 

Brexiters obtain advice from other Brexiters who will tell them what they want to hear, not from experts who will give them honest and impartial advice.

Adventures in 'Canzuk': why Brexiters are pinning their hopes on imperial nostalgia | Peter Geoghegan

Some Brexiters love independence, except when it applies to the civil service.

Our explainer of the bits of the withdrawal agreement that Brexiters are now objecting to.. Brussels must be in a good mood this morning..

@Sime0nStylites  @KimDriver11n  @bookishwgco  @joncstone , I don't think so. I think he is capitulating to the hardline Brexiters in the hope of keeping his job. He knows perfectly well that they can unseat him.


Most relevant

2016: 'It's outrageous to link racism and Brexit.' 2020: *All* the slave trade apologists are Brexiters.

The minute Brexiters have to write down their ‘plan’, expose it to scrutiny & explain the detail, the whole thing will fall apart. This holds whatever the plan is. No deal is now the only way they get to continue refusing to write anything down. It really is this simple & tragic.

Two things. 1) These are not petitioning-signing bots. They are very passionate people. 2) They want to revoke Article 50 and stay in the EU. Unsurprisingly there are no Brexiters here, or at least none I can see. So, as of now, they show the nation’s wounds, not a healing

Remoaners feigning outrage at inflammatory language should probably stop calling Brexiters fascist, racist, thick, lying scumbags. Just a thought. (cue explosion of abuse...)

I don’t want to hear one more word about “democracy” from Brexiters. That goose is cooked. You’re done. #StopTheCoup 

It’s a peculiar anomaly that Brexiters can clearly recall World War 2 yet have no apparent memory of The Troubles in Northern Ireland.

Brexiters: We hold all the cards! Europe: ....We’re playing chess.

The most important thing to do in the coming days (along with the petition & march) is to resist the desperate attempts of senior Brexiters to cast criticism of them as insulting Brexit voters. The former are discredited, delusional & deceitful; the latter our friends & family.

"Brexiters promised £350 million a week to their citizens, instead they have to pay billions of euros. They promised a global Britain, instead they got a lonely Britain." Former European Commissioner Viviane Reding is "saddened British people [are] victim to political crooks".

Probably a good time to remember that the guy who just sold his own country out to its enemies is the same guy Brexiters are relying on to save ours.