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“The Brexiteers promised something that they cannot deliver.” European Parliament Vice-President@katarinabarley  says Brexiteers are “trying to blame the EU” as they cannot “deliver a Brexit that doesn’t change anything, doesn’t cost anything and is easily done” #Newsnight 

Brexiteers ridiculed over bizarre plans for a 'border' around Kent

With Kent now getting its own borders back, can we resurrect Mercia and Wessex also? Maybe even Deira and Bernicia (Northumberland is just too modern for Brexiteers). Bring back the Heptarchy.

Looking forward to next week’s Brexit battle. I’m old enough to remember (last year) when Cummings got angry at the Brexiteers for not paying attention to the detail in agreements.

An anti-BBC campaign group founded by Brexiteers has raised nearly £60,000 in crowdfunding donations as it pushes for radical reform of the licence fee

Brexiteers turn their attention to starving the BBC of funds one purely British institution they hate!

"The first is that the Brexiteers can’t acknowledge that theirs is a post-imperial nationalism, so they have to frame it as an anti-colonial nationalism" - brilliant again by @fotoole 

“Soft Brexit would’ve fixed this” makes “Bernie would’ve won” look like scintillating political analysis. Brexiteers are rejecting boris’s deal for not offering enough sovereignty. Would a CU really have been acceptable? How?

Arm sale to Nvidia looks like an early commercial building block in the creation of the “Anglosphere” that hard-right Brexiteers are ultimately aiming for. Next, look for financial market/City/Wall St deals involving ICE, LSE, and others.

@montie  One of the failings of many Brexiteers I see is tt they don't see, don't want to hear, & don't care to understand what the rest of the world thinks of what Britain is doing. This is borne of & feeds a fantasist exceptionalism tt's supremely unwise & toxic for policymaking.


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Let’s be clear on two points: 1) Leaving without a deal would not be a ‘good outcome for the UK’; nor would it be the outcome Boris and the Brexiteers promised.

“We decided we were going to chase down these Brexiteers.” Ben Stewart is one of the four men behind Led By Donkeys - an anti-Brexit campaign group. It made its name by pasting politicians' quotes on billboards to highlight their alleged hypocrisy.

Hey media this is an open public meeting in the North (not a @open_britpress  event btw) - you know that place full of nothing but angry Brexiteers! Not.

I’m puzzled. Brexiteers are upset with the Supreme Court judgement. Yet the Government insisted prorogation was nothing whatsoever to do with Brexit. So how can the decision to overturn prorogation harm Brexit?

Brexiteers confused as John Bercow exercises Parliamentary sovereignty Leave campaign said we didn’t have.

In response to in EP: I don’t know what the result of the talks is go #brexitng  to be. But I know that it is the Brexiteers, who are 100% responsible for bringing back the problem of the Irish border.

I’m sorry, is this for real? Have the leaders of the hard Brexiteers just called themselves the same name as the leaders of the Ku Klux Klan?

Brexiteers have had more than two and a half years, a blank cheque from the taxpayer, the top jobs in Government, the BBC and most of the press cheering them on, the EU unbelievably patient with them, and still - STILL - they have failed to come up with a workable plan.

In 4 months, brexiteers'>Cabinet Brexiteers have gone from: 1. No Transition to a 2 year transition 2. Parallel trade talks to non-parallel talks 3. No ECJ transition jurisdiction to No ECJ over new rules 4. Go Whistle" to £20bn 5. £20bn to £40bn

As John Major compares Brexiteers to football hooligans, football hooligans point out they don’t normally smash up their own ground.