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“If there’s no deal struck in the transition period up to December 2020, the UK has the right... to leave on no-deal terms.” Last night, Brexiteer John Baron MP suggested he could support the PM's deal as it leaves the option of no-deal on the table #Newsnight  | @KirstyWark 

“There’s been a fundamental improvement in this deal… if there’s no deal struck in the transition period up to December 2020, the UK has the right, with the Northern Ireland provisions in place to leave on no-deal terms.” Brexiteer MP John Baron on the PM’s deal #Newsnight 

“We must acknowledge that Parliament is remain-dominated… if you compromise too much you could be detaching yourself from actually what people wanted when they voted to leave the EU” – says brexiteer john baron'>Conservative Brexiteer John Baron#newsnight 

Tory civil war latest: backbench Brexiteer John Baron refuses to take intervention from Government minister "because they negotiated such a terrible deal", but happily takes interventions from fellow backbenchers

Brexiteer John Baron's amendment to allow the UK the unilateral right to pull out of the backstop has been defeated 600-24.

"They are betraying their core support by ignoring what they put in their manifesto at the last general election." brexiteer john baron'>Tory Brexiteer John Baron says Labour "seem to have conveniently forgotten" that they promised Britain would be leaving the customs union and single market.

Brexiteer John Baron says UK should embrace the world on WTO terms and suggests no need for any bill, PM says trade deals required

#brexiteer  john baron'>Arch #Brexiteer  John Baron can't resist dig at colleagues who voted #remain : "Some people might call them - unfairly - the "remoaners" #FAC