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Boris Johnson will act unilaterally to give supermarkets and their suppliers more time to adapt to post-Brexit trade arrangements in Northern Ireland, risking a major escalation of tensions with Brussels.

The UK is to implement 'temporary operational steps' to allow businesses in Northern Ireland to adapt to post-Brexit arrangements (via @IrishTimesWorld )

Kevin Holland of Invest Northern Ireland said much has changed over the past year, with the coronavirus pandemic and Brexit, but with so much attention on the north more companies are open to investing

Northern Ireland's position 'rock solid' in UK, says Johnson, promising to fix post-Brexit trade

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The British government has unilaterally said the grace period for post-Brexit supermarket agri-food movements from the rest of the UK to Northern Ireland “will continue” until October

An SNP minister described the tunnel idea as a "vanity project" used by Boris Johnson to divert attention away from Brexit issues in Northern Ireland.

An SNP minister described the tunnel idea as a "vanity project" used by Boris Johnson to divert attention away from Brexit issues in Northern Ireland

A post-Brexit move to dilute human rights laws in the UK would undermine Northern Ireland’s historic peace agreement, academics have warned


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FULL STORY Boris Johnson’s government concedes Brexit will mean checks on goods going into Northern Ireland. Belfast, Warrenppint, Larne, He previously boasted that deal, which he agreed, meant no checks and businesses could put paperwork “in the bin”

"This is life and death to the people of Ireland." Shadow Minister for Northern Ireland Stephen Pound MP, discussing Brexit's impact on Northern Ireland and Ireland, says as soon as you've got "uniformed officers on that border", the "peace process is finished".

BREAKING on @FT  online The head of the UK’s government legal department has quit over suggestions that Boris Johnson is trying to row back on parts of last year’s Brexit deal relating to Northern Ireland. via @FinancialTimes 

The Good Friday Agreement is the bedrock of peace in Northern Ireland. If the U.K. violates its international agreements & Brexit undermines the Good Friday accord, there will be absolutely no chance of a U.S.-U.K. trade agreement passing the Congress.

Brexit Secretary Steve Barclay admits on BBC Today that the Government has no ‘alternative arrangents’ for no border between Ireland and Northern Ireland: Welcome to yesterday and the day before that and before that and.....

If you want a little clue about how most of the British media will report Boris Johnson's breaking of pretty much every Brexit promise, just have a look at the coverage given to the confirmation last week that Customs posts *will* be built at sea & air ports in Northern Ireland.

MP Lady Hermon blasts Boris Johnson's Brexit plan, saying he "does not understand Northern Ireland."

So committed to Brexit are members of the Conservative and Unionist Party that they would be willing to see Scotland (63%) and Northern Ireland (59%) leave the UK in order to secure it.

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This leaked government document shows Boris Johnson hasn't been telling the truth to the people of our country about his damaging Brexit deal. His deal will cause huge price rises, economic damage to Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales and place a border down the Irish Sea

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I don’t say this lightly but punting Northern Ireland’s retention of some EU membership privileges as a reason to support Great Britain’s needless surrender of them all is the most intellectually corrupt Brexit moment yet.