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When supposedly sensible politicians won’t stand up against “trans lunacy” then “we’re in real trouble,” says Spiked Online Editor Brendan O’Neill.

Heard on the Street: Sonos is raising prices while demand for its premium speakers is booming—an even better sign than the patent win against Google

Heard on the Street: Today’s high energy prices could be a preview of coming attractions—a real horror movie if this winter is cold.

Heard on the Street: The populist wind blowing from Beijing looks particularly dangerous for Hong Kong’s property tycoons

‘The whereabouts of the leader of the Taliban, Haibatullah Akhunzada, are not known. He has not been seen or heard from for some time, and there are many rumours that he is dead’ ✍️ David Loyn

#socialcost RT ‘The Most Important Number You’ve Never Heard Of’

One senator compared the challenge to "a Rubik's cube on steroids." Best mixed metaphor I've heard in ages

Hearing for Reign Restaurant's nuisance summons heard today

An inquiry committee heard that Imam's role at the Stars Engrg workshop was taken by his Bangladeshi compatriot Anis, 29, who was one of three workers killed #Singapore 

Ballymena businessman Tony Devlin vows to spend final days raising awareness of terminal illness ‘most people have never heard of’

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George and Amal, I couldn’t agree with you more. I am joining forces with you and will match your $500,000 donation to ‘March For Our Lives.’ These inspiring young people remind me of the Freedom Riders of the 60s who also said we’ve had ENOUGH and our voices will be heard.

Spread the word: Everything tastes better once you’ve heard #BTS_Butter 

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I applaud the resourcefulness and courage of Nigerian youth in the #EndSARS . Powerful to let your voices be heard peacefully. Let’s join hands for a positive outcome through a One Nigeria approach.

If you are in line by the time polls close at your site, you are entitled to vote. Stay in line. Make your voice heard.

Joe Biden was very disrespectful to President Obama at last night’s debate when he said that he, Joe, “was Vice President, not President,” when trying to make excuses for their failed immigration policies. I wonder what “O” was thinking when he heard that one?

As millions of people across the country take to the streets and raise their voices in response to the killing of George Floyd and the ongoing problem of unequal justice, I’ve heard many ask how we can sustain momentum to bring about real change.

Stephen Jackson with just about the most powerful words I’ve ever heard

And I heard they put out a statement that he supposedly tripped and fell down. Man What!!!!! Don’t make no damn sense people. Don’t matter what color your skin is if you’re not angry seeing this you’re part of the problem too!

Someone heard the sound of Reddi-Wip...?????