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The Disabled Drivers Association of Ireland has called on the Government to change existing legislation so gardaí and traffic wardens can impose fines on drivers who illegally park in accessible parking bays in private carparks

"I shouldn't have had dinners with him." – @billgates  on his association with Jeffrey Epstein#abc730 

New format @ZaksTradersCafe  Comment on today's "RNS Hotlist" Monday 30th of January 2023📊 Pre-Market Opening News Announcement #CLA , #PALM , #MSMN , #AVG , #NFT , #BLU , #OMI , #EEE , #PREM  & #SVML 

You'd think with how much money @YouTube  brings in per year they'd have better spam/scam protection. It's actually disappointing how out of hand the comment section is becoming.

CNBC-TV18 brings you #BudgetIntel2023  with @SBILife  Insurance where experts 👩‍💻 from various #industries  will share their expectations from the upcoming #Budget2023  . Did you find this informative? Let us know in the comment section below 👇 #startups  #startupstories  tories

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Coroner Simon McGregor has described the events leading up to the death of Veronica Nelson in a prison cell in 2020 as 'cruel and degrading'. Warning: This story contains the name and image of a person who has died, and details that may distress some readers.

Nat'l women's football coach calls on players to 'break their own barriers'

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Emirates ‘green’ flight trip, #Dubai ’s latest traffic management and England’s form ahead of World Cup, our editors comment on the top stories of Jan 30 Also in spotlight: It’s raining blockbusters in Hollywood and Bollywood


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The President is incorrect about how we choose Person of the Year. TIME does not comment on our choice until publication, which is December 6.

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All of a sudden Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans are worried that someone in America might get a $2,000 check "who doesn't need it." Funny. They had no problem giving a $1.4 billion tax break to Charles Koch and his family with a net worth of $113 billion. What hypocrisy!

Hey everyone, we made a temporary change to the Retweet function. When you hit the Retweet button, you can either add a comment to Quote Tweet or leave it blank and hit the Retweet button.

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The Fake recount going on in Georgia means nothing because they are not allowing signatures to be looked at and verified. Break the unconstitutional Consent Decree!

Hope Hicks, who has been working so hard without even taking a small break, has just tested positive for Covid 19. Terrible! The First Lady and I are waiting for our test results. In the meantime, we will begin our quarantine process!

If you still haven’t figured out why the protesting is going on. Why we’re acting as we are is because we are simply F-N tired of this treatment right here! Can we break it down for you any simpler than this right here???? ??‍♂️. And to my people don’t worry I won’t stop until I see

JUST IN: 51 Italian doctors who tested positive for #coronavirus  have died - Italian Association of Doctors