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IDF and Shin Bet security forces carried out a raid near Jericho in the West Bank overnight in order to find and break up a Hamas terror cell responsible for an attempted attack last week. #Israel  | #IDF  | #Palestinian 

LeBron James is ‘the king of the grind.’ His consistency, longevity and durability over 20 #NBA  seasons puts him in position to breakKareem Abdul-Jabbar’s hallowed all-time leading scorer record, which has stood for 39 years.

$AMD do we continue momentum after tech ER ? Or fill 3 nasty gaps to downside ? -IB BAR , inverted hammer type price action in an uptrend 🫣 -$89 reject or go long .. if we break test $91.20 From WEEKLY 🎯 $85.50 bounce or death level …3 gaps $SPY $SPX $QQQ Like ❤️ RT ♻️

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@FourthWatch  So let's break the trend. Pick up a magazine you would never read. Try a new item at a restaurant. Diverge from driving in the most direct route that your maps app says. Get mildly uncomfortable. My @FourthWatch  column on the end of casual consumption:

The superstar singer has now collected 32 awards after she won for best R&B song for "Cuff It," dance-electric music recording for "Break My Soul." #FOX13 

Nasty True RPA of Lamelo Ball pulled by Tyler in the Steel City Break Room! Check out what Tyler is breaking right now and join in on the fun 👉 @PaniniAmeria  #WhoDoYouCollect  #Hornets 

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Tax incentives in the Inflation Reduction Act have set companies rushing to break ground on new carbon capture projects

#Grammys2023 | @Beyonce  has become the most decorated artist in the #Grammy ’s history. Here’s a look at her 32 awards for ‘Cuff It,’ ‘Break My Soul,’ ‘Plastic Off the Sofa,’ ‘Renaissance’ and more #GrammyAwardsA #Beyoncewards

The superstar singer has now collected 32 awards after she won for best R&B song for "Cuff It," dance-electric music recording for "Break My Soul."

Why did CBS go to an Ad break in the middle of the hip hop tribute?


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All of a sudden Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans are worried that someone in America might get a $2,000 check "who doesn't need it." Funny. They had no problem giving a $1.4 billion tax break to Charles Koch and his family with a net worth of $113 billion. What hypocrisy!

The Fake recount going on in Georgia means nothing because they are not allowing signatures to be looked at and verified. Break the unconstitutional Consent Decree!

So important to VOTE for Republicans in the House. Break away from Pelosi and her high Taxing new Radical Left friends. Protect your 2nd Amendment, Military, Vets, and sooo much more!

Hope Hicks, who has been working so hard without even taking a small break, has just tested positive for Covid 19. Terrible! The First Lady and I are waiting for our test results. In the meantime, we will begin our quarantine process!

So, @realDonaldTrump , you call my getting hit by authorities in Minneapolis on 5/30/20 (by a rubber bullet, btw, not a tear gas cannister) a “beautiful thing” called “law and order”. What law did I break while covering an entirely peaceful (yes, entirely peaceful) march?

I’m Done breaking my neck for people break y’all own shit

Hi! I'm taking a break from Twitter at the moment.. But I'm thinking of all of you. ❤️

If you still haven’t figured out why the protesting is going on. Why we’re acting as we are is because we are simply F-N tired of this treatment right here! Can we break it down for you any simpler than this right here???? ??‍♂️. And to my people don’t worry I won’t stop until I see