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💄Cosmetics brands changed their marketing after global #BlackLivesMatter  protests, but skin-whitening products still live on in Asia — an $8.6 billion global market last year

Premier Investments is a case study in the creation of a highly tuned retail business with enormous growth opportunities from taking iconic local brands to international markets, writes @TonyBoydAFR  for #Chanticleer .

ByteDance plans to launch perfume brand “Emotif,” attempting to make a foray into China's new consumer brands, 36Kr reported today citing people familiar with the matter. The brand aims to let people express their true selves and emotions through the fragrance. @BytedanceTalk 

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The shelves of Asia's beauty aisles are still stuffed with whitening products a year since #BlackLivesMatter  sparked a purging of brands with racist overtones. Founder of the "Dark is Beautiful" campaign @KavithaEmmanuel  says that needs to change

Son of Brazil President Jair Bolsonaro brands Bill de Blasio a 'Marxist'

These are the two ‘most popular’ smartphone brands this festive season, reveals Amazon via @gadgetsnow 

Xiaohongshu has recently launched the "Trendy Digital Era" plan by inviting over 20 virtual celebrities, including IMMA, ALiCE and AYAYI, to register on the Alibaba-backed lifestyle platform and to put on new products from Off-White, GUCCI, Givenchy and other brands.

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Yum! Brands is re-evaluating its creative and media business with Wieden+Kennedy for its fast food chain KFC.

Facebook acknowledged the plight of advertisers dealing with changes to its ad platform, mostly coming from Apple’s restrictions on sharing data from devices, and the company said that many brands are now getting imprecise metrics.

i never tweet about how brands let me down but like it's mindblowing that wingstop, a $5.5B quick service restaurant, still does not allow you to select which kind of drink you want when you order online

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If China were to hatch a plan from within the United States to weaken us on the global stage, make our allies question our allegiances and our resolve, and embolden our enemies… Could they possibly do any better than what Joe Biden is currently doing? #BidenIsADisgrace 

Mark Zuckerberg's emails confirmed Facebook bought Instagram to buy off competition. Jeff Bezos couldn't guarantee that Amazon wasn't using seller data to undermine small businesses and boost their own brands. Apple and Google couldn’t answer why they bully their competitors.

Cambodian factory worker Soy Sros makes bags for luxury brands like Michael Kors. Concerned she and others at her factory would lose their jobs due to the pandemic, she posted to Facebook — and was sent to one of the most crowded prisons in the world

Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans skipped town without passing disaster relief, after confirming 5 of Trump’s lifetime judges and naming a courthouse after Orrin Hatch. Tells you all you need to know.

Any reporter who thought it was important to point out that most Americans don't know or care about the Hatch Act are in a different profession from the one I've been in. Our core job is to report on things people don't know they should care about. And to make them care.

It wasn't simply that they violated the Hatch Act. It's that they did it so brazenly, in our faces, on TV, in the most arrogant way possible. On purpose. To prove their power is bigger than mere law. A powerful symbol of what is to come.

Folks, this is definitely a violation of the Hatch Act -- mixing official duties with politics while on federal grounds. Trump is exempt from the Hatch Act, but Wolf isn't

If you want your beans without a side of racism, try other brands. I am.

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Bye Louis! Bye Gucci! 15 Black-Owned Fashion Brands To Spend Your Black Coin$ On Instead (Photo: Getty)

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LeBron says a Reebok executive handed him a $10M check not to talk to other brands when he was 18. He said no. On this day in 2003, he signed for a rookie record $90M with Nike. ? @br_kicks 

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