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Brad Stevens And Lookalike Pete Buttigieg Hold Virtual Rally Ahead Of Election

The DA Show Question of the Day: Is Aaron Boone the Brad Stevens of MLB Managers?

Brad Stevens says this Celtics group ‘has a chance to be special’

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It’s clear there is still work to do in Boston after the Celtics squandered their best opportunity yet under coach Brad Stevens to make it to the NBA Finals. | @AP 

Brad Stevens remains a hell of a coach. Took a team with 22-year-old Jayson Tatum, 23-year-old Jaylen Brown and Gordon Hayward - who missed the past month — within a couple stops/shots of playing Game 7 in ECF. Celtics also need to add a bench scorer desperately.

I need to say thank you to the Celtics PR team for being so professional and helpful in this series. Brad Stevens was first class the whole time in the bubble. And players gave very thoughtful answers - especially on non-hoop topics. It all makes our jobs so much easier. Respect.

Gordon Hayward has to pick it up, or Brad Stevens needs to get him off the floor. Just seems like he’s moving at half speed out there.

And that didn’t take long. We already have a “Fire Brad Stevens” account. Incredible.

No. 5 seed Miami beats #Celtics  125-113, winning series 4-2. Third time in four years coach Brad Stevens has lost in Eastern Conference finals. Gordon Hayward scored 12 points and was -10 in +/-. #Butler 


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Want to win a pair of courtside tickets to see Brad Stevens and the #Celtics  take on the #Pacers  Monday night? RT to enter.

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Brad Stevens getting the Boston crowd hyped before calling Tacko Fall to check in is awesome ?? (via @Marc_DAmico )

Brad Stevens wanted to see how loud Boston would get before he subbed Tacko in the game ? (via @Marc_DAmico )

Brad Stevens confirms that he will start Kyrie Irving, Gordon Hayward, Jaylen Brown, Jayson Tatum and Al Horford tonight against Cleveland.

“Coach just seems to make the right decision every time,” Al Horford says of Brad Stevens. RT if you agree with that one☘️

BREAKING: Celtics have announced Brad Stevens as their new head coach. Stevens served as coach at Butler University for past 6 years.

Brad Stevens is asked if he sees a parallel between the Celtics and the Eagles in terms of their respective abilities to overcome adversity. Coach responds, “I’m a fan.”

Kyrie says he's been "unbelievably craving" an "intellectual mind” like Brad Stevens as a coach, per

"I love Brad Stevens. I love Marcus Smart even though he flops all the time." ?