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I hear the fan boys & girls on Telegram are plotting to buy all my digital cards.😳😱

Introducing the Fort Worth Star-Telegram high school boys soccer all-area team

Introducing the Fort Worth Star-Telegram high school boys basketball all-area team

This @BMakuch  ’s report on far-right groups is chilling. “ ‘I hope it’s almost time boys,’ reads one Telegram post on a known neo-Nazi account viewed hundreds of times and featuring the selfie of a man clad in military attire, combat vest and a skull mask.”

HOW SWEET! At Golden Boys Restaurant in New York, this couple who just celebrated their 67th wedding anniversary were surprised with an early singing telegram for Valentine's Day.

@awinston  On Telegram today, Gavin McInnes claimed that it was the work of extremism reporters like me and @letsgomathias  that put his Proud Boys in jail. Another poor attempt to deflect -- they pleaded guilty after video evidence shot by @sandibachom  proved they carried out the attacks.

Introducing the Telegram OMON bot: Submit any photo and the boys in black will be waiting for you. Here are some of our favorite creations

@AntiFashGordon  Indeed! McInnes was noticeably silent on Telegram about my story yesterday. But he was happy to tout his Proud Boys' lawsuit while doing that I-Acknowledged-I-Cant-Do-This-So-I'm-In-The-Clear thing they like to do

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Star-Telegram writer Brian Gossett thinks this DFW boys basketball team will win state this weekend. #uil  #HighSchoolBasketball  #basketball