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#PRIDE : Bowen Yang on Pride, makin #SNL  history and the transformative power of Michelle Branch

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#SNL star Bowen Yang addresses Megan Amram's "explicitly anti-Asian" tweets

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Bowen Yang misses doing #SNL  in person with his cast: “It’s all the little things I took for granted. I would give anything to experience all that, safely, again"

Bowen Yang opens up on being one of the few openly gay #SNL  cast members and its first Chinese American star

Bowen Yang: #Pride  events have been canceled, but we’re not calling it an injustice, because we know what injustice looks like"

Bowen Yang remembers Michelle Branch inspiring misunderstood fantasies: "It was really one of the few times that female idol worship intersected with sexual reckoning, & being in a liminal space where I’d conflate the two. I thought I was in love with her"

Bowen Yang doesn’t remember a specific “I’m gay” moment. What he does remember is others pointing it out for him with mocking sneers, which made it all too easy to internalize the idea that he was messing up by being himself

Bowen Yang—the first Chinese-American cast member in SNL’s 45-year history—discusses life in quarantine, his Golden Globe–winning idol, and his biggest Studio 8H superstition

Bowen Yang has nothing but compassion for the kid who stole a copy of “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” from his sister & hid it under his bed: “I smile very fondly, very wistfully when I think about it. Like, ‘Oh, that’s cute. Look how far we’ve come’”


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Bowen Yang, SNL’s first Chinese-American cast member and one of the first openly gay comedians on the show, is making his mark portraying Andrew Yang and a character of his own creation, “Trade Daddy

'SNL' adds Bowen Yang as show's first Asian cast member for 45th season.

Ahhhh!!! Holy shit!! @bowenyang  is making history!! As always expected!!! Congrats my friend. ???? this is HUGE. ‘SNL' Adds Chloe Fineman, Bowen Yang and Shane Gillis to Season 45 Cast

Bowen Yang joined #SNL  last season as a writer and will be the show's first full-time Asian American cast member

SNL just fired comedian Shane Gillis over his racist remarks, just days after he was hired. A video showed Gillis mocking Asian accents + using slurs. It surfaced as SNL hired its 1st full-time Asian cast member, Bowen Yang. Gillis said it was a failed attempt at risky comedy.

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Bowen Yang, a staff writer for "Saturday Night Live," has joined the show's cast. He'll be one of the few comedians of Asian descent to act on the show in its 4 decades.

bowen yang'>Comedian Bowen Yang is joining SNL — becoming the long-running show's first full-time Asian cast member

Bowen Yang just joined the cast of SNL. The comedy writer is the show's first Asian full-time cast member… ever. (Photo: Gregory Kramer/Bowen Yang IG)

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For those wondering, that's #SNL  writer Bowen Yang playing Kim Jong-un. He's a very funny comedian who should become a regular cast member.

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