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“In the summer of 2018, we came back to Lebanon without my father. We were lucky to rent the same apartment in Bourj Hammoud again and my brother and I returned to the same private school."

“There are kidnapping of kids and girls, so I don’t like to leave our house.” - 10-year-old Lebanese girl in Bourj Hammoud.

“The decision by the general security to deport the Kenyan woman who was brutally assaulted in Bourj Hammoud reflects the injustice faced by migrant domestic workers in Lebanon,” Amnesty said in a statement. “Whenever they seek justice, they are faced by deportation orders.”

I'm looking for a 2/3 bedroom apartment to rent in #Beirut  #Lebanon , (Ashrafieh, Mar Mikhail, Bourj Hammoud). Can Twitter help me out?

@sommervillebbc It is that smelly, usually dry channel you cross going over the bridge by Bourj Hammoud.

In addition to Akkar landfill, there’s a waste treatment plant in Saida and Bourj Hammoud dump